First of all, 666, is the number of the name of the ANTI CHRIST BEAST. Its gematria, the addition of the
numeric value of the letters that spell his Name. The number itself has no power, in and of itself, except that
people are conditioned by fear, to think it has power.

To understand the MARK of the BEAST, as written about in Revelation, you need a deeper and broader
understanding of what will be happening and when.
There are a few variables we will have to discern as time goes by, but we will have to have absolute FAITH
one way or the other eventually, as the MARK will be determining whether we can buy or sell.

This of course, you know by now, as the supposed pre-cursor a VACCINE or VACCINES for Covid 19,
etc.. are surely going to be required certification for not just buying and selling but traveling inside our
countries and between countries worldwide.

The digitalization of all our lives and individual identifications are going to go on a chip, is the present plan, as
commerce itself will be going digital as well. No more paper money, but only electronic paychecks, bills and
bottom line.
And dont get too comfortable just because you seemingly have sufficient money or credit or
possessions to last through a prolonged crisis. There will be no return to the past normal. The Mark
of the Beast literally will be connecting you to the BEAST spiritually, as the BEAST is the one and
ONLY world leader who conquers the world and all countries that exist on the Earth. Hes the
Russian ANTI CHRIST. If you accept the MARK OF THE BEAST, you will lose your soul to the
literal devil. Hence, this acceptance or rejection of the MARK is the most important decision of your
whole life. If you reject, it can easily mean the lose of your life, or at least the beginning of your
totally living by FAITH, til the end of your life.
David Jay Jordan