The connections between AdrenoChrome, Torture, Missing Children and Elite Vampirism is no longer hidden. Because there is and will be nothing hid that
shall not be revealed For you can search out these horrible truths, It is no longer hidden anymore. They almost brag about such nefarious activities and their
blood drinking now.

   Adrenochrome, is basically the addition of adrenaline in the blood stream. Adrenaline is the Lords created method of energizing our bodies when faced
with danger, so we can FIGHT or take FLIGHT.

   The evil ones use it by removing it from young children who have been captured and enslaved and then terrorized with literal torture through various
demonic practices including sexual. The elite love torture, they love pain, they love fear.. and then use these torture tactics to increase adenaline in the blood
Then they remove the blood and drink it.... as the true vampires they are. They think they will get everlasting life by this usage, no matter who they kill and
how innocent their victims. They have no morals and no bottom to the depravity they will go, to get their blood fix. Dont believe me, do the research..as they
even advertise adrenachrome on line now.

   Torture, as hideous as it is.... is supported by the main stream if done to our so called enemies. The dark side loves and enjoys seeing others suffer and in
PAIN. It destroys their souls, but many have already sold their souls for their personal enrichment, for financial gain, or simply for their recreation.

   But Jesus said...
Whosover shall hurt one of these little ones, it were better for them that a milestone be hung around their neck and they be cast in the
sea.... For whatsoever you do unto the least of these (Children) you do it unto the Lord.

 Jesus loves and protect children, and when we violate them, the LORD usually smites the bastards that do such evil deeds. They get punished now or
even worse in the HEREAFTER.

   With such wickedness in you knowing what these true perverts are doing, its easy to see them in their darkened ritual meetings and in their own homes or
house parties, literally pass around tubes or glasses full of freshly gotten adrenalinechrome blood.

   This truth of their pervidity is not for the immature but the truly mature have to be aware of it. We should know the depth of depravity of these beasts and
monsters. They may have high positions in business or politics or the media, but look deeper and be AWARE. Watch and protect your children and all

   The elite enslave and kidnap, and sweep them away. They are much more evil, than you would have ever imagined. Flee them and their doctrines and

   Eternal LIFE only comes through Jesus and HIS LOVE. Eternal life does not come from a drug, or drinking blood. But dont believe me, study it yourself.
Then become more than ever dedicated to Jesus and HIS LOVE.

   David Jay Jordan
AdrenoChrome, Torture, Missing Children and Elite Vampirism
David Jay Jordan