Cure for Racism
David Jay Jordan
    Quickly expressed, all races are racist. Blacks are racists, whites are racists, every racist is partial to their own or tribe or color, as all are tribal in a
sense... and are superifical at first glance into grouping together and favoring one another. Hence they persecute and fight other races and imprison and
enslave other races. Blacks do this, whites did this, yellows definitely do this, whether just physically or economically.

   To stop racism in America, its easy, its not a money reparation, its not taking of other races homes and businesses, etc... its not by force. The only
conversation that need happen is to get to the root of problem.

   America and all the world is ruled by force and violence. Be good to your neighbors and stop stealing from them and stop enslaving their educated people
by bringing them to your country, stop stealing raw materials from the [poor and stop giving their citizens such horribly low wages.

   And above all stop threatening them and killing them and placing your armies and nuclear weapons in their country. STOP Racial violence via your
military, stop stealing their money by saying you are the richest country in the world and want to remain so.. Share what you have and stop stealing via force
or intimidation rules and regulations...and corrupt trade deals.

   To stop racism you have to have a base morality of love. And that love ONLY comes from the LORD who created LOVE and showed LOVE. Stop
damnable pride and selfishness and NATIONAL PRIDE.

   Honor LOVE not materialism whether you are black, brown, red or white. Materialism is not happiness..its the worship of things. Its not CHRISTIAN
share don't hoard and steal the little the poor have.

   Don't talk about, or have a renewed conversation about black/white only racism..start from the bottom and start bringing troops home, stop the violence
against all races overseas, and then you will be in a position to know and understand and live amicably with your neighbors in your own country.

   But until the wealthy are willing to share, and military leaders are willing to give up their power, and politicians willing to give up their wages and perks
and power, racial tensions will not be abated. Make LOVE not WAR. Make peace not rioting, make a change by not using your platform to intimidate, but
using your lives in helping your neighbors of all colors.

Don't blame another race in an attemptto elevate your own self esteem. It doesn't work.

Love is the only thing that destroys racism.