Fascinus Protection from 'Evil Eye'
David Jay Jordan
The devil and his symbol the so called all seeing evil EYE has been adopted by the Illuminati as a means of identifying themselves and casting
fear over outsiders of its supposed power. Its a lie, nevertheless fear binds, and controls those that have not a greater god, which is of course

For we are to fear NOT them which can kill the body, but HIM that can destroy body and soul in Hell..

Quote Joshua verses... for us to conquer, we can not fear their faces, nor their looks with their evil eyes.

The majority and dark side advocates use their staring intimidating eyes to send a message of fear to those of us breaking down their walls and
advancing on their territory and freeing their prisoners and captives.

But before going into depth concerning the EVIL EYE and its history and future
implications and demise, lets look further into the erect phallus, or FASCINUS
ammulettes and statues...with this direct excerpt quote

From Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascinus

As a magic symbol
.[14] A 2017 experimental archaeology project suggested that some types of phallic
pendant were designed to remain pointing outwards, in the direction of travel of the
wearer, in order to face towards any potential danger or bad luck and nullify it
before it could affect the wearer.[15] Other symbols may have been interchangeable
with the phallus, such as the club of Hercules.[13]

The victory of the phallus over the power of the evil eye may be represented by the phallus ejaculating towards a disembodied eye. This motif is
shown in several examples of Roman art.[16] For example, the motif is known from multiple relief sculptures from Leptis Magna in present-day
Libya,[11] as well as several instances on Hadrian's Wall.[17] A 1st-century BC terracotta figurine shows "two little phallus-men sawing an
eyeball in half".[10][11]

((Hmmm, surely does seem it is a graphic image of the power of phallus's in breaking the spell of EVIL EYES))

The "fist and phallus" amulet was prevalent amongst soldiers. These are phallic pendants with a representation of a (usually) clenched fist at the
bottom of the shaft, facing away from the glans. Several examples show the fist making the manus fica or "fig sign", a symbol of good
luck.[14][18] The largest known collection comes from Camulodunum.[19] Some examples of the fist-and-phallus amulets incorporate vulvate
imagery as well as an extra apotropaic device.[20]

(Must look into this further as a sign, we can carry with us, hidden but seen.. We cant draw fish...but we couldidentify via ..... BY this sign we
shall conquer ???? ) (Look up 14 to 20) (And consider the name FIG  SIGN, as in Adam and Eve, protecting from the snake)

Readers do note that magic is just using the unseen spiritual world to our advantage as in PRAYER to and only to the LORD OF LORDS..JESUS