A.C.'s Rape Letter
David Jay Jordan
Because I almost lost this email from eight years ago concerning a girl raped by Surkov in the astral.... and luckily found it in the email
TRASH.... I am moving forward and will post it, as a complete background...... and fulfillment of the AC's mental state in NOT desiring
women, I will repost it with only the names ommitted.

If you read closely, you will note, all the current topics of the evil ones methods.... children, molestation, fear, abuse, and worst, even
using the word 'BUBBLE'

Read it yourself if interested, as it does show why he thinks he is greater than God, and challenges God, etc. Then reread Daniel 11 part 2


Dearest David,..

Thank you for your kind letter! I do apologize for not writing you sooner! I have been feeling sickly lately. I went into the hospital
yesterday for tests. I am anemic. I also thought I might be pregnant. Since I have been feeling allot of strong movement. Which I know
was not gas. ;) I've taken well over 7 preg tests. All negative. The hospital took another urine test yesterday'.. of course negative. I asked
them to please take blood tests. They refused. Now this is the second Dr I have seen within 5mo's about this matter. I don't understand
why they refuse to just set my mind at ease. The first Dr. Had a satanic goat cross symbol on his wrist. Which alarmed me greatly! He
also got testy with me when I asked him for a blood test to be done. He said' I am not giving you a blood preg test and I refuse to give
you an ultra sound. I asked why? He then cut me off! Said,.. I will run a thyroid blood test only. I thought wow what a dick! The test
came back and that's not my issue. I have been feeling pregnant.. And looking the part!

Now the second Dr is in another state.. here. A female and she also got strange with me. She brought in 5 other women nurses to do a
pap.. I felt that was very unusual to have so many women in the room lol I mean the door was wide open.. I'm hanging out naked lol..
They are doing breast examinations lol and uncovering me. I was basicly naked on the table for the world to see. For science I'll do it.. but
they were acting odd. I asked them if I could please have blood work done. Instead they said'.. We have your urine sample .. and they
wanted the blood work from my last Dr.. so they brushed me off again! I told them my concerns about the fact I could be pregnant. They
said it was gas and gave me sample pills. "I'm like REALLY?" Wow.. Thanks so much! I'm right back where I was. And last night the
movement was so strong I couldn't sit.. and I have to pee all the time... like a baby is on my bladder. I've told them and they just don't get
it. If I end up having to deliver alone.. how tramatic it's going to be for me and the baby. I don't want to go through that..

David,.. I am telling you this because something's scaring me about all of this. I have not told anyone else about what's been happening to
me. No one will believe if I do. I can't even expect you to believe me. Since it's so scary and freaky.. I have been visited by many dark
entities within the past year! Since I was born,.. I have been haunted. I'm talking so haunted my bed shakes and if my foot would dangle
off the side.. a hand would grab it. I'd scream in terror as a child. Also sleep walked.. witnessed murders in the house before we moved
in. It gets worse.. When I was 7yrs old.. I remember making a wish for my bday cake.. Since my mother wasn't so nice to me. I made a
wish that I would grow up faster! I lost 1 year... Became possessed by something. When it left my body.. it left me by stabbing a poor
cow in the milk sack with a pitch fork.. My father witnessed it all and he spanked my ass hard for doing it. I don't remember it.. It would
get me into trouble.. Like steal his wallet.. Then put it in my room with it cleaned out. I got my spankings often when it would do things
like this. This all happened from birth to the age of 9. It stopped after that. But always something dark has been around me David. I faught
it hard.. It would even try to possess me when I was older. Especially when I went to bed with a bible next to me. I was reading it.. out
of curiosity.. I had a water bed at that time .. about 11yrs ago. Well the room looked like a storm I could see demonic wind swirling
around my bed above me.. and I woke to my bed waving so hard I about fell out of it. I got upset! No longer the scared little girl I was.. I
grabbed my bible.. and said Here is this what you want... I threw it against the wall.. I said not get the fuck out of my room and let me
sleep... It was a bible my aunt **** gave me.. She was a Jehovah's witnes.

It stopped immediately..  They made it very clear that they don't wish for me to be religious. Doesn't mean I don't believe in god or love
him. All I know David is that I am some sort of judge or half way point.. The one they talk to about why they fell. Demons have talked to
me about why they turned against god and humanity. I have talked to the fire walkers. Yes even met the Devil and his son Malumtrix. I did
not call them.. they have always been here. I am only telling you because I don't want you to get involved in anymore! Or get hurt! I
believe in all! Since I have witnessed much in this life time.

I know I have written you a novel here. Very sorry it's so long. I believe I am from the light.. Yet the darkness comes to me like a beacon
in the dark. They only wish for me to know there side. Like the line that seperates the light and darkness.. that is what I am.. the
seperation from yin and yang. At least this is how I see things. Or how I feel.

As for being pregnant.. Also I have been raped by things. And in astral I was raped by a goat god.. I'm well aware of the satanic symbol
he represents. So I am very affraid that perhaps this might be why I am feeling pregnant. Is it possible that the devil or his kin could get
me pregnant? I fear maybe I am suppose to have the true Anti Christ! Since they have always been around me David. I am sorry if this
freaks you out. But I have to live with it.

All I tell all of them is that I don't wish for war.. and I don't. I only want peace! If I am the mother to the Anti Christ.. There is no way I
could ever destroy it. I just can't do that. And I don't understand why the doctors won't help me. :(

This is why I felt that perhaps Surkov isn't the true Anti Christ. Since the Devil's son told me they want him dead.. Since Surkov walks
his own path. He doesn't wish to serve Satan or even the gods. He is at war with all. He wants to be god of all.. And that is a ballsy thing
to do. You are right about him and his sexuality. Although he has never told me about himself wanting men. He told me that gay men make
him sick.. and he wishes he could wipe them off the Earth. He told me that sex weakens him and that it only causes him nothing but strife.
I have also met other paranormal creatures. You may find this very hard to believe. But I have also met the Slender man.

He also feels the same way! That love making is a weakness. Something he can do without! Why they talk to me? They told me why! I
am also having a very hard time believing any of it. They said because I am Gaia.. Malumtrix and Slim said they don't ever talk to humans.
They see them as pests. The Devil's son told me that if a human even talks to him.. there soul is his. Like the Ouija boards etc. why no
good can ever come from it! He said but my soul is my own.. He can't take it from me.. The only way the darkness can have me.. Is if I
am willing to give myself to them. Since I am Gaia. Slender man also only wishes to go home. His people left him here to rott.. So he's
been making humans suffer .. Since he's stuck here in this cage with him.. We are his bitches to do with what he wants! And he does! I
have talked to him.. to please show mercy.. I don't care if any of the darkness wishes to kill or torture those pedophiles.. who torture
inocent children or people. I said to them all.. Go after the dick heads of humanity.. You won't see me lifting a finger for them.. and there
are plenty to go around. Just don't harm the innocent children.

So now.. David.. What do you think of all this? My life? I only wish for peace.. That is all I am here for! They all are rather demanding
that I pick a side.. I told them.. If it is true! And I am Gaia.. Then everyone and everything in this beautiful world is my child.. I love all. I
can not destroy any of you! I only wish for everyone to try harder to get along! I know how un realistic it is. No one ever gets along long

David,.. if I am pregnant. I don't know what to do. I am very alone. I shouldn't tell anyone.. I shouldn't have told you! Please keep this
very secret! My life depends on it. If it happens.. Then the prophecy is true! I will love the child more than anything in this world. I will
protect it with my life and my power!

I think you are a very good looking man David. Yes  I do see some resemblances. Are you releated? Or just a coincidence? Yes I know
Surkov is also back in the Russian government since Sept they brought him back to the Kremlin. What you don't know about Vladislov is
that he is not in cahoots with the Devils.. He is his own. He was born special.. With great power! He also has told me that he is connected
to Gaia.. And this is also why he talks to me. He could live forever with such power. But he is not the Anti Christ! They want him
destroyed.. The Devil and even Slender man have attacked Surkov.. trying to take his power and destroy his very soul from existance.
Please don't tell anyone! I shouldn't have told anyone! And I don't even know which side I am on.. I told them all.. they break my heart to
fight.. I also have the gift of traveling to other parellel universes David.. I have also met the other Surkov from another reality.. who is
much meaner and way more powerful than you could ever imagine!! He is a human champion.. who also succeeded in taking over Hell..
and is trying to take over the Omniverse god! No lie! Our Surkov in this reality is a kitten compared to that one! He visits me often ... Also
wanting me to join him. I am in the middle of this war! Right now what's important is if I am pregnant.. I have also been raped by Surkov
in the astral.. The one from the other reality.. He is now powerful as a god. So  I am worried.. I have no idea who the father could be. I
feel like a rag doll..

David.. I have asked GOD himself to help. He has shown himself to me once! He wanted to know who I wish to dwell with once I am
done with this life! And he also has shown himself in the clouds. I am not crazy! But I can't tell anyone else about any of it. Humans are
not meant to know the truth about the paranormal nor even the gods or Devils of this universe. Human kind is in a giant bubble like matrix.
Very fragile.. and should remain protected. I know I have stepped over the line here by confessing all of this to you! But I know you
know allot about the bible and I feel you are worthy enough to know my story! If you feel I am crazy so be it.

Thank you for your time.. And yes there is so much more to tell. Yet I shouldn't have told you this much! Just know you shouldn't be
going public with much! Or they will come after you! I have protected you as well. ***************I am also open to your honesty!
Don't lie.. I want to hear the truth how you feel about all this. If you have any ideas that could help me. I would greatly appreciate it. :(
Since  I feel alone in this world!