Prophetic Design of 9/21, Birthdays, and Vladislav Surkov
David Jay Jordan
   Every truth leads and connects with other truths. And can be questioned, meaning the author should be able to prove further what he or she has

IN the below post called Implications of 9-1-1, I stated a number of things that can be or could be followed up by true searchers. Not for pride
sake, not for elevating ourselves over others, but to help them and us, in surviving and helping others. And help us, determine what to do and when
to do them.... as the time draws near in a perfectly designed scenario of chronological events.

Anyway, I will be writing up, the Anti-Christs NON- desire for women. This is a sexual newsgroup, and so in this case it is applicable and
prophecy itself is the testimony of JESUS.

So let me start by suggesting through much research and synergies that Vladislav Surkov is the upcoming A.C. He has had the training and the
positions and knows people and manipulation, double speak, diplomacy and military tactics as well as Public Relations.

Yes, he's probably unknown to you, but nevertheless Putin shall be replaced, even as the poisoning of his opposition critic ruffles the feathers even
more of a new generation... in RUSSIA. Yes Russia, thats a no brainer, the Book of Daniel etc prophetically dictates that Russia is the power in the
NORTH country that sweeps down and takes Jerusalem and the upcoming 3rd Temple. And the AC is the commander in chief that leads the
BEAST over the WHORE. You can figure that one out, via Revelation 12,13,17 etc...

OK, look to the right on that hyperlinked page I gave you. When was Vladislav Surkov born

Vladislav Surkov

Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov is a Russian politician and businessman. He was First Deputy Chief of the Russian Presidential Administration from
1999 to 2011, during which time he was often viewed as the main ideologist of the Kremlin who proposed and implemented the concept of
sovereign democracy in Russia.Wikipedia
Born: September 21, 1964, Soviet Union
Political party: United Russia
Children: 4

Did you see it,
September 21st 1964 ...thats the EQUINOX, thats what I was talking about, previously the evil ones have their fall demented sexual
and killing rituals of chil...... then, as well as their perverse sexual positioning. Do the research..

But thats hardly confirmation, but it is another sign, that he's the man , that gets totally possessed by the literal DEVIL.


There he is, as I composed these articles about six years ago.. And theres Putin below him, as Putin was quite the leader, but he is not the AC,
Putin does not have the look, nor the speech, nor the charm or personality or strength. Surkov does.
They didn't fear him before, because he was born in Chechnia, and Chechins can not become president by law... but they shall eventually drop that
when they need a replacement for PUTIN.

His place of birth and birthday being by design and fulfilling of his evil destiny IMO, as with many other biblical personages. But dont let his good
looking demeanor fool you, Chechins are fighters. And Vladislav is a great talker, speaking numerous languages including he international language
of ENGLISH. Hes a writer, has great humor, and can easily out think his opponents. He's super well read and knows people and is intimidating. IE.
He has the look, the image of the beast. His name spelled out has a gematria value of 666.

Come on DJJ, you must be saying, the Lord doesn't determine place and time, birthplace and birthday. YES HE does, the Lord designed the Earth,
continents and all places according to HIS DESIGN and PURPOSES. Everything is by design..everything.

For if there is anything you absolutely must know in discerning prophecy, is that evolution and chance are absolute lies. Nothing happens by chance
or happened by CHANCE

Alright, lets look on the opposite, the LIGHT SIDE and see if we can find synergy between any with Jesus himself.

Was Jesus' birthplace prophesied... YES...Bethlehem
Was the YEAR of His Death prophesied .. Yes, exactly
      SEE READ and study
Daniel 9 and its timeline that dictated that the Messiah had to die at 29.A.D.

Ahaaa did you notice, Daniel 9, is where the angel is talking about the LAST SEVEN YEARS and the COVENANT that is surely about to be signed
with the TEN NATIONS to try and bring peace to the Mid East between the few remaining Arab states and Israel. SEE how things and events are
starting to mesh together the further along you go..

Well who was around just before JESUS conception ? Who prepared the way for Jesus ?

John the Baptist !! and how many months did His miraculous conception within the womb of Elizabeth, proceeded Jesus miraculous virgin
conception within the womb of Mary ... Look it up.. SIX months

Look at the graphics and explanations more fully.... Theres the Solstice connection seemingly confirmed...... Jesus place and timing was by design
NOT by chance but by the Lord of Lords HIMSELF.

And even the whole chronological maturity of a baby in the womb has been designed not by evolutionary chance but by ...... GOD HIMSELF once

This relating directly to the feasts and timing within the womb to the final BIRTH. Take a moment and consider the magnitude of these
connections. Time and place, and births are just part of the Lords PLAN.

AS with the LIGHT SIDE even so with the DARK SIDE, for both sides will mature together for the final BATTLE>

For we not alone, and shall win the fight because Jesus always wins and will come to our aid and deliver us, but only after we have had the greatest
priviledge of all, saints, being able to stand with HIM against all the power of the enemy, the AC, devil, demons and all.