Jesus was the Messiah and the Creator, so lets see if we can confirm that December 25th is in fact, the approximate or exact date of Christ's Birth. In
other words, can we increase FAITH, in the Lord in His DIVINE BIRTH through seeing His DIVINE TIMING of His Birth. The answer is YES.

First, we do know that the timing of Genesis, shows that the worlds were created back in 4004 B.C. ((or if you remove the 4 year error in dating by the
Roman calendar maker, you would have had 4000 B.C.)) So 4004 B.C. is our starting point of all His Creation in a 6,000 year history of Man. That's a
given and the standard. Then when reading in Genesis 1, that the Lord created on the Spring Solstice because it says, He made the day equal to the night
THEN...... therefore  He surely must have also made HIS DIVINE CONCEPTION on the Solstice as well.. To check this out, add 280 days the length of
the gestation for a human baby, and VIOLA, exactly on Christmas Day a child would be born. Or in this case Isaiah 9:6

Why is this exact, because 280 days is the exact prophecy dating and development dates for all His Holy Day celebrations. The Jewish or if you will our
Christian Holy-days, are linked exactly to the birth of the CHRIST CHILD, the FIRST FRUIT.

SEE and study and marvel at the correspondances at
THEN WomansBirthTimeline.html

Alright we have our first confirmation that Christ was actually born on December 25th, the day He has allowed the world to worship His FIRST
COMING. But the question arises does this conform to the other events and their timing in His LIFE.   Most do consider his life to have lasted 33.5
years, but their starting and stopping dates vary greatly. But lets take our starting date of 4004 B.C. and add not 33.5 years but the much more specific
and exact, tried and proven measure of the
CHRIST TRIANGLE prophecy of the Great Pyramid. Its measurement being 33.51 inches or using its
conversion ratio of one inch equals a year ...... it is 33.51 years. If we convert into days, this is 12,231 days including the last day or 12,229 not counting
the end dates.

So mathematically add on 12,230 days to December 25, 4 B.C. using a day counter, such as   and what do you get,
but June 20th 31 A.D. Hmmm, that's seems a little too far in the calendar year to coincide with the holy day calculations of when Jesus died, as it is
written He died at Passover. But June 20th is of course on the SOLSTICE, the brightest day of the year, the longest day of SONshine in the year. So
maybe it is true, lets check it out further.   

Then from on the sixth line, it says Passover was on April 25th of 31 A.D. (the 14th day of
Nissan in the Jewish Calendar), but Jesus was crucified and died Friday evening rather than on Wednesday, so make that date April 27th of 31 A.D. Put
the dates in the day counter you are using, and how many days separate December 25th 4 B.C. and April 27th 31 A.D....answer 12,176 days.

Whoa, that is short of the mark of 12,231- 12,229 days.... so we have a supposed problem in the measurement of the exact Christ Trinage .... or do we.
Wait a minute.... Jesus died on a Friday Passover at about 3:00 in the afternoon, but did not ascend to the heavenlies for another 50 days at Pentecost.
(Pent meaning fifty). Therefore adding fifty more days to 12,716 and the sum is 12,226. This amazing close enough to 12,229 days to suggest, YES, Jesus
was born on December 25th 4 A.D. And hence He must have been conceived right at the Solstice in March 21st, 4 B.C., and Yes rose to the heavenlies in
HIS ASCENSION, on the brightest day of the year, the longest day of the year June 20/21,  31 A.D, the Day of the Risen SON.

In My Opinion

Proof Christ was born on December 25
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