The devil can not see all things, ONLY THE LORD CAN.

      His ilk can report to authorities what you are doing, cameras etc can catch our activities, chips can trace us, but we need not
fear, an all seeing eye IMAGE.... of the devil as used by the ILLUMINATI

The all seeing eye of the dark eyed oneswho will be uniting all the world into ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT...... can not now
see all individuals on Earth, the Lord sees all but they can NOT. The devil or Lucifer is a mere man, and is NOT  omnipresent an    
yet together the devil and all his demons can not, yet control all individuals on Earth. They have to first possess them to control them.
They have to get inside them by the permission of thse that invite them in, or allow them to inject them.

To control the world, they have to have an operational PLAN, in order to prevent the masses of people from having a rebellion of the
slaves, . The evil so called elite ones have to be able to see and track every individual on Earth so people can not get together and
overthrow their takeover. Any group is a danger to their plans. They have to separate people, and make them distance from one
another. Tracking devises do not work when people are close together, they take effect and are accurate only if at least 2 meters       

Their all seeing eye is computer generated rather than natural sight from a spiritual individual, as a fallen angel..the Devil. Via the   
God of forces, the AC will be at their height of seeing every persons medical, financial, and social networking bubble, then they will
have an all seeing EYE, based out of the Holy of Holies on the Temple Mount. It is of course the abomination of desolations SUPER
COMPUTER, that projects the AC beastial face to all his MARKED CITIZENS directly into their pineal glands within their brains.
The devil via the AC shall have access to their damed MARK OF THE BEAST brains.

  Their leader called the ANTI-CHRIST, also called the man of sin, will take over the world by force, nuclear force in destroying the
so called opposition countries, so that the remaining ten countries of the Covenant of Daniel, shall give their power fully to the ONE
WORLD Leader....

WE need not fear them as we are told not to fear what man or devils can do to us, but fear the Lord
All Seeing Eye
David Jay Jordan