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Re: EMF of 16.7 or 33 hertz effects pineal PINE gland sex.

Jan 4 10:03 AM

The pineal gland is named after the word PINE, which is intricately designed by the Lord after His pine cones.... why pine cones are shaped with a
PHI spiral upwards..... again study the power of the Golden Section or PHI spiral, enveloped in a PHI Pyramid or a PHI shaped body like our
own. Everything brethren is connected if you are able to make the proper connections and see them.

For again, I was just reading about the concentration or meditation that causes increases melatonin secretion in the dark.... or with closed eyes. And
they call it pining, or yearning, or lets say desiring or wanting or sucking in, all hopefully concentrated at the pineal or pine zone.

And another site, confirmed that the pineal gland is indeed in the geometrical center of our brain... just as the
Giza PHI pyramid is at the geographical center of all the land mass on Earth..... the connections are there.

So if logically wondering how the Kings Chamber is related at its 1/3 height of the phi pyramid, its still a mystery to me, but it is at a Christos
Angle from the Pituitary Gland, the same as Giza as well.
(graphics coming up).

And when reading an article on how to make monoatomic gold, rather than monoatomic silver, they suggested
it can be done with a PHI pyramid, Pyre or pyramid meaning FIRE, which resides within the pyramid. Confirming again that our Lord's House
New Jerusalem has the fire, the inner light and needs no other external light source...... just like the Holy of Holies which needed not an external
window or light source within. The Lord is our Light.

Anyway, they suggesting hanging a pure gold piece at 1/3 height inside a phi pyramid, and they say it works, so I shall be trying the
principles make sense, and this can be a practical way for our ALCHEMY.

(LINK coming)

Why monoatomic gold, because it is superconductivity and that apparently in physics is the breakthrough of time and space, so that distance and
time are not effected. In other words getting in the spirit, the Lord's dimension. It also giving free flow of electrons which will stop disease which is
the lack of flow of energy in our body.

Whewee.... I can go back to sleep now.... but first a rather disgusting article coming up.


Prince of DARKNESS, Grail maidens and drinking their blood.

Jan 4 10:14 AM

Please dont read if squeamish like I am.

I hate the sight of blood, and blood letting, injuries and pain. I was in pre med, but couldn't stand it physically and emotionally even in the
preliminary stages of study, and hence just finished a degree in kenisiology (body mechanics or bodies in motion, more along my style)

Anyway to get this off my chest, and as a possible link and better understanding of the dam dark side, it seems one of the major reasons they
work their rituals in almost total darkness is that they want their grail maidens to be producing a high melatonin concentrations in their menstral
blood (or pineal secretions) during the removal of these hormones.

Ejaculation I could handle but allowing menstral blood to drip into a waiting mouth or even a vessel, just isn;t my thing. I have always fought
mentally and spiritually the thought of drinking blood. Jesus blood is enough and sufficient as we did when we got saved. But menstral blood is
waste blood, coagulated blood that never got used because a conception didn't happen. Its failed blood, waste....... and surely it is unclean to say
the least. The Lord says do not make love, when menstrating, and I totally agree. A red peter isn,t that sexy in my opinion, and yet people do it.
Similarly with anal sex, as a brown peter also isn't that sexy or clean in my opinion, and I would say the Lord's as well.

The red tincture of the elixir IMO shouldn't come from menstral blood, I would prefer the white gold that turns red inside a pyramid...

Got to go to sleep now....


EMF of 16.7 or 33 hertz effects pineal gland sex.

 by Monkey Couple
Jan 5 12:48 AM

More proof about that frequency affects the sexual orgasm
I know from experience, if my brain faces the direction of North and my feet face the direction of South, that is, align with the N-S poles, that my
orgasms are seemingly more intense and are amplified into whole-body orgasms.



ALL Body Orgasm

EMF of 16.7 or 33 hertz effects pineal gland sex.

Jan 5 2:54 PM

Awesome, an all body orgasm...... does this make sense if you align your body and sacred pointing member North and South ?

ABSOLUTELY... though I never heard of this before. But from what you have written before on your experiences, Im sure it is true, and
therefore awesome and confirming.  First, Yes 33 hertz can induce orgasm, as that base sound or vibration is the frequency we achieve at our pineal
level as our spinal system spirals up the energy of the EARTH of 7.83 frequency up to 33 hertz, and BOOM CLIMAX. And it definitely would
help if we align our electromagnetic field to North and South.

is not a random vibration, but the frequency it takes for the Lord's light via its speed to
View on www.davidjayjordan...

Why because the Earth has a N/S electrognaetic field , which you can literally experiment with and SEE, its exactness just using a coat hangar.....
(Just ask and I or we can tell you how, its amazing and exact) Anyway the Lord's lightning around the exact circumference distance of an exact
sacred Earth demension, goes around the crust 1/7.783 times in one second, or gives the Earth its resonance of 7.83 hertz.

Our base root sex penis and vagina nerve ganglia start this vibration off and spiral it up our 33 verebrae until it gets to 33 hertz, and there climaxes
and gives us the great feeling and weightlessness and pleasure and POWER to communicate to our Lord and Creator.  Yes power to communicate,
the ultimate time to pray is at climax, when we totally forget ourselves and let go and LET GOD and just thank HIM for His life in us..

Thats science brethren, and this alignment we shall be talking about further in the mono-atomic gold POSTING coming up... But you have to
understand the principles or science before hand, to understand the more complicated principles. Its one precept at a time, as one is based on the

Let me paste in a few links for you to study, as alignment is important, the pyramids are exactly aligned to give them power, and so if Wise Virgin
aligned his climax ending at a North South alignment, would this help. ABSOLUTELY.

All true temples are aligned to the East, to the Rising SUN, and hence the whole structure is aligned also to true North and true South, true ley
lines magnifying the energy or input. Ha... the Lord shall help us...means just that, we have to tune into His Creation, and align ourselves


Sacred Architecture was always meant to be more than just a building or a temple but spiritual principles illustrated in a physical structure.
View on www.davidjayjordan...
And because we are the ultimate temple, the temple of the Holy Spirit, if our bodies are aligned N/S..... how much more His empowering power of
orgasm.... whewee, an all body orgasm of any wise virgins and thier wise mates in a wise communion at the point of cum-union.

So hold on true Grail maidens, when wise virgin aligns you N/S and strokes the finale for the climax...... for you both may reach  33 hertz and the
stars.   Now that's done in the glory of God and to the Lord, and does empower. Once we get them back to Earth.

More later....


Pineal-Pituitary Gland Design

Jan 7 1:33 PM

 Lets look at the design and space and angles of the Lord's placement of the two glands, the Pituitary on the bottom and the pineal Gland on the
top, with the hypothalmus between.

If your brain disconnects when you read the word Chakra, so be it, just use the word CENTER or DIVISION, as Indian culture and or religion in
no way invented or created our human body, that all humans share from Jesus our Creator.

spirit science

spirit science
Pineal Gland = Egyptian Eye of Horus hint hint
View on

Again, forget the dead Egyptians and their trying to worship the third eye, as their religion is not all seeing, but blind, yet the Lord's creation of
our pineal gland is spiritual endowed and does give us sight in darkness, and spiritual powers of communication both receiving and transmitting..


and look at the graphics under the heading called 'Golden Section' because 'Golden Section' is just another name for the mathematical divine ratio, ...
   View on www.davidjayjordan...
David Jay Jordan's                                                                                                                                 
View on www.davidjayjordan...

All possible when climaxing, in others words at BLISS, when the Lord's energy spirals up our spines to our brains and outwards..
of Love   Whoa, Jay, surely you jest, some of you should say. Well, if you have faithfully studied the Golden section, physics and all
View on

So there be our design, so maybe if interested study this, and I shall try to draw new graphics on a frontal view, of these two glands, and how that
can possibly relate to the crystal design, and the two triangles of the Star of David..

PS) Get a headstart by understanding the sexual Star of David in science and esoterics...

).. Vau, the Son (Jesus - masculine).. and the final He is the Bride of the Bridegroom. (feminine) So from the very beginning it has been God's plan
to both pla...
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Brain and Pyramid Design

Jan 7 1:42 PM

Aha, someone tried to show the correlations already... not quite right, but maybe I can fix it, to be more exact...

spirit science
spirit science
Herophilus noticed that the small pineal structure was singular, unlike other brain features that are mirrored in the left and right hemispheres. It is
the first gl...
View on
Anyway, it can be a starting point for yu in understanding your own body, brain and spirit.  As I again, shall warn you from associating anything
in us, to any religion, or country or philosophy.... the Lord created us, and therefore it is HIS BIOLOGY and HIS DESIGN. Do not worry if other
devoid relions and people have tried to take the credit for what Jesus did.

When you do this, then you have a chance of understanding what's inside of us. You can do it.

Studying biology and real science will always increase your faith in the Lord.


PS) So note the Christos Angle, and levels of the pineal, and pituitary glands, This above diagram tries to put the Christos Angle to the side,
whereas I would suggest from all the other anatomical drawings the pineal and pituitary glands are at 26.3 degrees difference, the side slope up the
ramp of the temple, the slope of the Grand Gallery, the angle of the entry of the sun into the Holy Place, and the prophetic marker to the end, til
the BEGINNING. Let me do some drawing and see if it becomes clearer.

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