9/11 and 9/21, Fall Equinox, September 21st
.                 and Bible Prophecy
   9-11..... is not some esoteric secret mysterious occult numerology. Numerology is bogus and not mathematical, its
worthless to say the least. Gematria or the addition of letter values, in Hebrew, Greek and English has some value because
it can approximate real created objects, plus or minus one or two. Sometimes helpful but because of different spellings
easily manipulated.

Yes, its used in Revelation by John the Revelator or I should say the Lords angel sent to JOHN, to give a hint concerning
the addition of these numeric values for the literal NAME of the literal Anti-Christ military ruler of the NWO, that
conquered the world. Its just one of the many traits for us to recognize, as he rises to power after Putin. More later..

18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his
number is Six hundred threescore and six.

9-11 or September 11th, as you know relates back to the destruction of the twin towers in New York in 2001 (again see
Revelation..... a precursor for the destruction of the Whore by the Beast..near the mid point of the Last 7 Years)

But its not a sacred dating by the evil ones, as one they celebrate..... its not in the witchcraft festivals, ritual calendar etc...
September 21 is, but not September 11, ( 911).

September 21 is not a random day, it is the time of equality, the timing of creation when there is an exact day every year
when day time by the sun's light was the designed 12 hour period and night time was the designed 12 hour of darkness or
reflected light from the moon.

Time was by design as was speeds, and sizes of the planets,
stars etc. SEE Genesis 1. The rotational speed of the designed
Earth, around its axis giving the equality of day and night length
according to the revolution around the Sun. It being at the same
place every year in its pathway (SEE Enoch)

Important births and deaths via the timing of conception in the wombs of special individuals in history (as with Jesus and
John the Baptist) again were not at random and by chance, but according to this balance. Biblical times are mathematically
arranged according, which is why the Lord dictated maturity of plants, and crops on specific harvest days for the

As He designed the crops, to mature in specific time frames,...... barley, wheat, grapes.. These were designed to be
harvested and given back to HIM, on specific holy days.....

These holy days, are the derivative word for what we call holidays. IN other words, when they would be mature and ripe
for harvest... Note, the angels with sickles, ordered to harvest or reap on specific times or days. Again in terms of
creation, people will be harvested similarly.... the evil ones and the good ones.

Return back to the Anti-Christ, as you should not be surprised that he was born on September 21st ..IMO
The dark side evil ones, do much of their perfidity just before 9/11. .. its a time of destruction for them as they try to
counter the time of creation by the God of Gods, or lets say the King of KINGS.

9/11 is TEN DAYS BEFORE 9/21 or September 21, the Day of Creation when there was equal days and nights.

When 9/21 or the EQUINOX of Equality, comes around, it is a marker that a harvest time for the whole year gets added
together, and the people must pay for their sins. They would have to come clean, and atone for the whole year before
they could go forward onto the next year. It was and is called the DAY OF ATONEMENT. For every sin had to be paid
for, as that was and is the LAW.

This being why we must have an atonement for our sins. Someone has to pay, and bring us back to harmony and equality
via justice to our Creator and all we have offended and hurt.

Why because we are all sinners, and someone has to pay. Christians have Jesus as our atonement for our sins. WE dont
pay for it, we cant earn it, its all free if we accept it.

Anyway, September 21st is the Day when the atonement has to be received, otherwise there is a punishment. But it starts
as Rosh Hashanah, ten days earlier. ... The end of the year festival or holy day being called YOM KIPPUR

Hence 911 is tied intimately with 921 or the Equinox and a NEW YEAR. The evil ones hate forgiveness and hate equality
and hate new life and hate being dominated by the King of Kings, and so want to change things and go to war...... and
change the outcome. Of course, they get defeated, but thats their modus operandi...and their FEAR.

They think they can win the Battle of Armageddon. They think they can change prophecy and THUS SAITH THE LORD
events. That mega  battle, of course, as you would expect, would surely again be dated accordingly 7 years after the start
of the LAST SEVEN YEAR timeline of Daniel and Revelation.

As you might have read, the devils know their timing, they know the bible prophecy, they know their time of reckoning is
coming. But they also know before that time, that the wise Lord of Creation will be giving them almost free reign. They
get rule and reign and destroy during this whole period of time called the Tribulation...(which starts by the Daniel
Covenant signing by again ten nations, or ten kings, or ten toes or ten horns)

Whew, are you catching it. Its not that difficult once you catch the pattern and the ritualistic timing. Nothing is by chance
or at random in creation. Its not by chance or mans decision when it comes to the future and the events we will be seeing
and sadly experiencing. Its written in stone, its not conditional, the die has been cast. And it will happen according to the
Lords timing, and schedule and chronology of events. All we can do is get on the right LIGHT SIDE. JESUS' SIDE

The 911 attack was not at random or because of the esoteric power of 9 combined with 11 or any other weird
combination of hidden meanings... its because its a biblical dating where the dark evil ones, the Illuminati tries to show
their earthly power to their ilk of what they can do, and how they can change things through the process of more and
more wars and destructions. And as you can note, it was the excuse for ongoing wars and killings, mass migrations etc...
that have caused the deaths of millions not mere thousands.

As the devils stated to Jesus ' Are you come to get us, before our TIME' Why did these pig devils say such a thing ?
Because they knew and know their timing for destruction and imprisonment in the Mellennium. The devils know their
timing, when they will be released, and when they will be re-imprisoned..and they want to change the course of

So is 911 important as a beginning or sorrows for the world, or could such events just happen at random any old time
during the year. As stated, I would suggest, it again will be a pivotal point in prophecy once again.

The annexation of the West Bank, most importantly the Jordan River and of course the occupation of the Temple Mount
is paramount in getting the LAST DAYS started. Look for events on 911, and on September 21st ten days later.

IMO according to Time, Design and PROPHECY

David Jay Jordan
David Jay Jordan