Ham's Curse and Religious Alchol Drinking
David Jay Jordan
   Ham was the black son of Noah, and his seeing his father Noahs nakedness, Ham got cursed. Was it because of
anal penetration on Ham when he was drunk.... ?

It seems so, but while researching it .. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curse_of_Ham excerpt

                                                  Seeing nakedness....
The majority of commentators, both ancient and modern, have felt that Ham's seeing his father naked was not a
sufficiently serious crime to explain the punishment that follows.[14] Nevertheless, Genesis 9:23, in which Shem and
Japheth cover Noah with a cloak while averting their eyes, suggests that the words are to be taken literally,[15] and it
has recently been pointed out that, in first millennium Babylonia, looking at another person's genitals was indeed
regarded as a serious matter.[14]

Other ancient commentators suggested that Ham was guilty of more than what the Bible says. The 2nd century
Targum Onqelos has Ham gossiping about his father's drunken disgrace "in the street" (a reading which has a basis in
the original Hebrew), so that being held up to public mockery was what had angered Noah; as the Cave of Treasures
(4th century) puts it, "Ham laughed at his father's shame and did not cover it, but laughed about it and mocked."[16]

Ancient commentaries have also debated whether "seeing" someone's nakedness meant to have sex with that person
(e.g., Leviticus 20:17).[15] The same idea was raised by third-century rabbis, in the Babylonian Talmud (c. 500 AD),
who argue that Ham either castrated his father, or sodomised him.[17] The same explanations are found in three Greek
translations of the Bible, which replace the word "see" in verse 22 with another word denoting homosexual
relations.[16] The castration theory has its modern counterpart in suggested parallels found in the castration of Uranus
by Cronus[18] in Greek mythology and a Hittite myth of the supreme god Anu whose genitals were "bitten off by his
rebel son and cup-bearer Kumarbi, who afterwards rejoiced and laughed ... until Anu cursed him".[19]''

It also talked about the possibility that Ham was cursed for mocking Naohs drunkedness when in fact Noah could have
been giving thanks to the Lord for delivering him and his family....via Halakha or religious LAW.

In other words,the non alcholic self righteousness of most church doctrine can and could be against the LAWS OF

Wine drinking can be an integral part of our intimate marriage ceremony to the Lord and with His people or multiple

It can release us in the SPIRIT if and only IF we have His Thanks in our hearts, and HIS LOVE in our hearts.

If we become happy when drinking and loving...and dancing and romancing and singing,  then our heart is released..if
we drink and turn mean and miserable and want to fight others,,, then that same alchol brings out our frustrations and
sadness and only makes us worse not better.

Use it for good not the latter......

Jesus said He would not drink it again til we meet at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and hes the LAMB, and we are
His sheep. And his wine gets better and better as we drink, not worse and worse.