A.C.'s (Surkov) 'Desire for Women
David Jay Jordan
   To better explain, how the biblical future ruler of the world, the ANTICHRIST thinks in his mind and perverse twisted heart, and
how he is preparing the world for his NWO, let me go over a few things sexually, morally, and biblically. First of all, you might have
caught that for many reasons, I believe this man of SIN, will be Vladislav Surkov. Surkov, is now waiting in the wings to take over
from Putin. (
AntiChrist Prophecies)

   After the Signing of the Covenant .... because Surkov is not the Prince of the Covenant or a signer of the COVENANT of Ten
Nations (SEE
AC does not make the Covenant.html ). This we will go over as we go through Daniel Chapter 11, and even the sections
concerning the ANTICHRIST forsaking the god of his fathers and disregarding the desire of women.

Daniel 11 .. 37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall
magnify himself above all.

   Because as America and the West try to go liberal in their moral-less materialistic greedy ways, they are dis-integrating, while the
conservative Russians will be promoting and are promoting strict family values. But these are loveless church values, where force and
intimidation and obedience shall be enforced to the maximum. We've been told that the Anti-Christ will be lawless, and create a lawless,
free society of anything goes. Yes, maybe for the elite, but the vast majority of people that survive their culling, will be under very, very
strict laws and confinements and rules... (SEE
A.C. wont be a mad man)

   So you have to re-align your thinking and see that society, and whats left of it and us after these famines, pestilences, and
depopulation of our non essentials workers will be total compliance, not total freedom and moral-less debauchery.

   The enemy does not want us to touch, meet, or love each other. They do not want us to even talk to each other, or communicate,
so in this way..  SEE 1984 Book

   Where were we, they dont want us to reproduce, or even mate with one woman. They want us sterilized and impotent, and have
ways and means to inject us accordingly. Maybe even taking away our godly desire or attraction for the opposite sex. So forget sex
and pleasures, they will be controlled or eliminated completely. The majority will accept it as long as they are allowed to live and survive.
Study Russian values, study the strong grip the church fathers in Russia had and have. Russia is the Eastern 'LEG' or branch of the
Catholic Church system as described in prophecy in Daniel 2 ( https://www.davidjayjordan.com/ACisnotagainstChruchSystem.html ).

   So is Surkov sexual? Is he a nice normal heterosexual. Yes, it appears so he has 4 children, and has been married twice.
But wait a minute, the elite are against the non elite from having the pleasures and freedoms, above and beyond the law, and just want
these non essentials servants and slaves to be under the law...as they deem themselves ABOVE the LAW.

   Behind the scenes they all fly to their islands of fleshly pleasure, except that their pleasures involve, torture, unbelievable cruelty,
pain, and suffering on others whether young or old. Their pleasure is watching others suffer. Thats the devil's perversion. He tells
people he created sex and that by partaking you will become one of his. Hes a liar, and has twisted the truth. Love and sex and
consideration for others is of the Lord and not the gift to the ungodly for serving him.

Adrenalchrome, blood drinking )

   There thats a bit of an introduction, for you before getting further into S*****, as Im compelled after all these years to write more
of what was told me concerning him..

Its not a shot in the dark, but many confirmations, that I make such statements about him

Love in Jesus