The A.C. won't be a 'mad man' !

In my opinion, according to scriptures and according to the Illuminati's own writings the A.C.
won't be a madman. he won't be a Hitler, or a Saddam Hussien type freak that will be openly
considered 'mad' by the masses. NO, the Bible says that he will talk the talk, he will be straight
forward and appeal to all, even the poor. He will be their rescuer and Saviour. he will be their
Christ and will be looked up to as that. He won't have a Hussien beer belly, or a little mustache
on a small framed one testicled pervert.

He will have the look, the stature of a very imposing worldly figure. He will be the protypical
Warrior of esoteric legend and prophecy. He will be in shape physically and be very imposing
physically as the Beast, he is said to be. He won't be just a stateman as that is the job of the false
prophet. The False prophet gets people to worship the great, and glorious Beast. But the Beast
himself, just congregates with the common folk, and mixes among them unafraid for it is written
in the Illuminati handbook).

He isn't ignorant and crazy and a mad man, but a leader of one of the greatest countries in the
world, Russia. And he has the lineage via the so-called "Sons of Piory' to establish his claim on
divinity. No Tom, Dick, Harry or Saddam out of the desert from some upstart rebel country is
going to take over the world with a few fanantical followers. The A.C. is intelligent, well spoken ,
straight forward, brave, and courageous.

He has class, culture, and is a man of war and a man of peace. And no one can fight the
Beast....WHY, because he has nuclear power, not the Red Brigade or the revolutionary pistol

The A.C. doesn't look like a devil. He doesn't sound like a devil.Yet he is a DEVIL and he gets
possesssed totally by the devil so as to trick the whole stupid world that shoul;d have known
better. But they didn't listen to us and others so they have rightly chosen superficiality and it is
their own dam fault. And it will dam them because taking the MARK of the A.C. is an instant
pass into damnation. Simple and straight-forward.

We just have to get away from this churchy image that the A.C. will be so easily discerned as
your normal madman. NO, it will be very difficult to figure out if you don't know what to look for
in advance. We have to know prophecy to avoid the devoid rather than falling into his clutches
and his advance armies mind set.

We 'Christian' aren't going to run to the front of the church and declare the A.C.s demonic
future reign when the A.C. will have destroyed America and her churches. And the rest of the
churchy world and religious world because they love their lives will easily be persuaded into
following his bandwagon and groupie mentality. Why, because they haven't heard from the Lord,
they flow with every wind of doctrine and want the easy way out. They want a leader and NOT the
Pord's principles. And the A.C. will either kill them or allow them thier easy way out, and 99.9
per cent will come over to his 'intelligent way of thinking' and he won't have to rant or rave.

So let's get it right, the A.C. won't be a mad man to the world. To a few of us YES because we
know he is mad at the Lord and in rebellion with the Lord from the very start. But to the world
the A.C. won't be evil but their Saviour. He will pretent to be
JESUS and not his devilish-self.

In my opinion according to scriptures.


May 18, 2001
David Jay Jordan


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