Sunrise Ceremonies seem more spiritual than a ceremony held at random during the day. But do they have more literal power ? Are the first
rays of the sun,have an energy that actually can empower our bodies spiritually and physically? Why did so many sacred sites around the
world  align themselves to the Sun's Rising and Setting, as well as the Moon's Rising and Setting ? Is this for no reason or was there a practical
meaningful reason behind these alignments. And why do all these alignments seem to deal with the basic architectural principles of life and
creation called the Golden Section or Phi, as incorporated in the Great Pyramid. Is there again a connection with life itself and our very P{HI
design of our own bodies. Does our mathematical pattern of design relate to the crystalline phi structure that has piezoelectric properties ?
Can this be seen in the Earth's measurements and on its surface areas ? Is the Earth's Geography not at random but due to a specific preset
designed pattern, that can be understood and used in aligning us to our Creator. Do all these answers, or alignments, or times, or angles all
point back to our Creators own birth in Bethlehem, his death in Jerusalem, his future Temple at Jerusalem and His sign post and pillar at Giza.?

 Slowly read, comprehend and consider the following pages and truths and possibilities, and then decide for yourself, if there is anything
special about the Son's Rising, and His Timing and our literal Empowerment at His Coming .....

Page 1 Sunrise at Stonehenge, and Biblically

Page 2 Connection between Stonehenge and Bethlehem. 31.68

Page 3 Giza and Christos Angle

Page 4 Geographic Design of whole Earth 31.68 Jesus and Bethlehem

Page 5 51.4 Latitude, Avebury, Stonehenge... Giza

Page 6 Geometry of Christos Angle and Latitudes

Page 7 Capturing the Light via Crystal Design

Page 8 Magnetism, and Photosynthesis,   Hemaglobin and Chlorophyll

Page 9 Petra and ultimate horizontal Plateau, and Timing

Page 10 Prayer, Communion, Jesus, and Conclusions

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