Our solar system was designed by the Lord as a Tabernacle of glory to the Lord. Therefore it like His other temples had to be
golden section designed to harmonise with the reat of His Creation, whether macro or micro. Consequently a
have been incorportated for the spiritual light temple to be spaced apart.

Its height like Giza and like New Jerusalem has to be the square root of phi or 1.272.  This is the '
Squared Circle' !!! And with
Giza, the heigth had to be 500 unit lengths or an AUG, the length light travels in one second. (SEE
Light Speed proves Design and
then consider  
Light Speed and PHI )

Why because light speed is a fuinction of design. The Lord created its speed to be harmonic with His distances. And hence light
speed was set by the Lord, so that His SUN would be 500 light seconds away from His base, HERE on EARTH.The
Earth is the
Center of the Universe because the base or foundation or birth place of the spiritual physical Saviour was HERE on EARTH. Light
speed and our distance from the SUN makes us harmonic with the SUN/SON. And our Earthly pathway around the SUN that
gives us life, is our circular temple template. Its our Temple of Light, our Tabernacle of Light for a whole year. For again as with
speed which is a fuinction of time, ou solar SON year or calendar is by design rather than by chance or created by a random BIG
Creation not Evolution)

And as we found out this yearly cycle makes sound, (
Music of the Spheres) and sound waves and music also harmonic. For
without a yearly cyle addition of 6.24 days or the Lord's holy days there would be no harmonization of the Sun and Earth. But this
ratio of  1.0014  which is called the
Pythagogus Comma, literally physically harmonises music and sound and geometry. Bringing
us back to the BEGINNING every year at exactly the same revolutionary place and time according to the Earth's pre-set at Genesis
revolutionary motion around the Sun.  

In other words, our distance from the SUN is more proof that the whole Universe is designed by the
SON as His Tabernacle.
The Sun's distance was pre-set so it would take light 500 seconds to reach us. Still don't want to believe it ? Well consider that, it
takes one circle or 360 degrees traversing upward on the grand gallery angle of ascenbt of Giza, or up the slope to the Altar of fire,
or up the Christos ANGLE of aascent and then one would reach the altar of the SUN. SEE
Altar of Fire

7290 (Earth) plus 2180 (Moon)  equals 10,080 or in terms of radiuses ... 3960 plus 1060 equals 5040 feet or seconds or height of
phi pyramid of Earth Moon conjoined...
Sacred Geometry   Or using the sacred measurementa od the Lord's Giza 396 + 106 = 504.
So how large is the fire of the pyre (Fire) temple called a pyra-mid, it should be four seconds in diameter.

Doing the math, 4 seconds times 186,000 miles per second, and the Fire of the SUN should be 744,000 miles across, and that is the
range or size of the Sun's diameter. . By chance NO, by design. The Lord had to make the Sun exactly that big to be harmonic with
His whole Temple. While the Earth's diameter is harmonized with the Moons diameter to give a squared circle...or phi pyramid,
HERE ON EARTH.. Their sizes are by design as well as their motions, so that all creation can sing His GLORY OF CREATION..

So don't think this a strange
thing that the Sun and Earth are
harmonised via the phi relationship
to each other, their sizes and dis-
tances and motions according to the
standard of measure called a 'light
speed second' (SEE Link Number
33 phi and AUG).

This making light, sound,
vibration, motion, sizes, music,
and us all harmonised together.
For do remember, we ourselves
are phi designed in our physical
heavenly bodies.
We are the
Ultimate Temple and so are also
Golden Section designed after His
Divine Image. This is why we are
the ultimate creation of the Lord,
and harmonized to travel at light
speed when tuned to HIM. Its not
New Age theory, but basic design
by the
CREATION. Everything follows
PHI pathway of CREATION.
Its not by chance or evolutionary
luck but by DESIGN.


David Jay Jordan
Tabernacle of Light
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