There's something special about sun rise. It portents the Lord's resurrection, the rise of the Son. (SEE Tabernacle of the Sun/Son). For Jesus, the Son,
symbolised by the Son, arose from the dead or you might say, from the night. It's the time of new life, where the Earth becomes enlightened once again
from its dark sleep. Its apparrently new light, unrefracted and special, and therefore sacred and an appropriate time to have a ceremony. This whether
it be at Easter, or a Communion through out the year.

This is why all temples in the ancient world were aligned to the East, aligned to the North/South longitude, aligned to the directions. (SEE
Temples) They were meant to catch the rays of the Sun's light at sunrise. This symbolic also of the sexuality of the ray's light entering the darkness
and holiness of the darkness of the womb, into the Bride, by the light of the Bridegroom's rise. He comes from the East and enters
His Bride, just as
the Lord entered Jerusalem from the Eastern Gate.

In the case of the Lord's Tabernacle and Temple, the double cube of the Holy Place is penetrated by the Lord's sunrise at the Equinox at the
Angle. In other words, the line connecting the two corners is at exactly 26.3 degrees. This obviously not by chance but by divine design of all the Solar
System and placement on Earth, etc....

The significance of Easter Sunrise services is powerful when the first rays of the Sun strike the assembly of worshippers who have been waiting in the
darkness of night for the SON to arise. Remember the SUN represents the Son in the heavens. First the darkness of night and then the second half of
the day is the light of the day's SUN started at dawn. There is something special about the first rays of light in the morning at DAWN.

And as mentioned all, temples and spiritual aligned buildings ALWAYS face the rising of the SUN in the morning. They are all aligned to the EAST.
The moon arises in the East, the stars rotate and are first seen in the east as if they arise from there .and the Sun arises from the East in all and every

Therefore if we later revert back to the alignment when facing East, it should not throw off your concentration, but convince you in seeing the
importance of the sacred spiritual sexual union you are attempting and will perform if your heart is right !!! Alignment can help you think about the
Lord. Timing can help you think more about the Lord. Together as one body, can help you think about the Lord. Praise can definitely help you
concentrate on the Lord, until the DAYSTAR arises in our hearts.


Sun Rise Light
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