Kadesh Barnia is Petra
Clef is water from the Rock
 First see confirmations that Kadesh Barnia is Petra  https://www.bible.ca/archeology/bible-archeology-exodus-kadesh-barnea-petra.htm      (( Not
on my website )) or try ....  
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   During the multiple lock downs ahead
, you are going to have to have and believe in the positive proofs, that the Lord is going to deliver us, from
the 'hell on Earth'  You have to have and KEEP your FAITH in the LORD'S FINAL VICTORY. You absolutely have to know that His Plan shall
defeat their PLAN. This .... the Lord promised us in  PROPHESY. Things will not get back to normal, unless you are an elite or have taken the
MARK..and you better not ! Nor should you start taking their v's.  For without inspiration and HOPE, you surely are not going to make it through
the suffering and pain, and keep the FAITH,and make it to the end

(SEE Will there be faith on Earth)

 So allow me to give you just a small glimpse, that inspired me today (Oct 2020), as it is a confirmed update as to our future GATHERING,
EXODUS and Future HOME at Petra before the RAPTURE. Years ago in 2001, I wrote, that Petra was surely going to be the place where we were
going to head at the start of the GREAT TRIBULATION, even though it was almost entirely based on Geography and an extension backwards
down the
Kings Highway because of the verses on the same.

SEE and study
Fleeing to Petra.html
These written back in 2001, and correlated to other prophecy articles.

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1. Petra
, Paul, Bible History, Future Useage

Petra Geographic Design. Above is the layout of Petra, with its ancient city markers. The Great Temple floor area can be used by us, as a meeting
plaza for our 144,000.

2. Our Purpose in the End Time

will be with us in
Petra, as we follow the Lords commands and instructions as ONE. For as with the first Exodus, ours will be GREATER and
more CLIMATIC and POWERFUL. For we shall obey, and we shall be protected and provided for. This is our witness, as our TWO WITNESSES
shall confront the ANTI-CHRIST, right on the steps of the 3rd

3.Giza Baalbek Ararat Design

Petra set off to the below Ararat, and a north south longitudinal line. And where does Jerusalem seem to lie, right sat the location of the Kings
Chamber, in a cross sectional view of the Great Pyramid.


down the King's Highway to
Petra, our refuge from the storm. Consequently we are not to measure the 3rd Temple demensions of the worldly
temple built by the Jews, but the original tabernacle temple of the Lord dictated by the Lord to Moses. ....for that is the tabernacle or temple we
shall be using in the End Time.

5.Kings Highway

through the gate, and are gone out by it: (
Petra?) and their KING (see David Prophecies) shall pass before them and the Lord on the head of them.
(Micah 2 : 12,13) For again as our brother Hosea said, " Therefore, behold I will allure her (the Bride of Christ) and bring her into

6.Timeline of the End

And then our Second Exodus to the wilderness and the place, the Lord has prepared for us...
Petra.. So our nation in my opinion from scriptures
and prophecy started in 1947, for as the Jewish elders and present day scholars have realised, there has to be '120

7.Ark of Gabriel

pathway down the Kings Highway back to Petra.
(Kadesh Barnea) And besides Moses hid it in a cave on Mount Nebo and not in Antarctica... So
forget fearing this abominable Anti-Christ ARK. Study the true prophecy of the future to know and discern the false scenario of events and times.

((((Notice how I in parenthesis I wrote Petra is Kadesh Barnea, where Moses and the first Gathering and via the First Exodus, stayed there)))).

8.Yet separately I wrote that the Lord promised to supply us with food and
WATER in the wilderness

https://www.davidjayjordan.com/WaterintheWilderness.html  (Again in 2001)

 But where do we go in the wilderness ?   Ahaa ! Moses struck the ROCK in Petra and gave them water, and we shall be going there as the Lord
through our end time Moses or 2 Witnesses shall give us water through the CLIFT (Sid) of Petra.

SEE its pics, its  a huge stream bed, which will allow us to live there approximately 3 and a half years.

 So heres that confirming website, I found while searching through past saved pics.
(( Not on my website )) (Use duckduckgo browser)

There it is, it all fits even more completely together for me, and maybe for you if you do dliligent
study and know the real plan.

 In other words, knowing all this waits for you and yours that know the Lord, you can make it through
the dark winters ahead, and see the Lords victory HERE ON EARTH, before HIS RAPTURE. We shall
Gather and shall Exodus (the second time) and shall be going to our future HOME or temporary home
before we go to our Heavenly HOME

 Know this truth and keep the FAITH, BRETHREN.



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Confirmation of Petra as our Wilderness Home