David Jay Jordan's

                  King's Highway to Moab and Edom

According to scriptures, we, the Bride of Christ have to flee from the serpent, the great red dragon, also called the
Beast by going into the wilderness where we have ‘ a place prepared of God, that they (the Lord’s angels)
should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days’ (1260 days = 42 months = 3 and ½ years)
Revelation 12: 6, 14).

We are in Israel gathered together as the Lord has directed us, and when the
Anti-Christ enters the 3rd Temple in
Jerusalem and declares himself God (2 Thessalonians 2: 4), then we will have to obey the Lord’s direct
commandment when we "therefore shall see the abomination of desolation (talking computer) spoken of by Daniel,
the prophet, stand in the HOLYPLACE …(whosoever readeth, let him understand …..(meaning have discernment
and obey )) Then let them which be in Judea already gathered)
FLEE into the mountains. (Mathew 24: 15,16)

In other words, the Lord has already told us where we are to go and in which direction…….towards the wilderness
and towards the mountains. And as Daniel himself said, the A.C. " shall enter also into the glorious land (of Israel
after annihilating the three toes of the U.S., France and England, the nuclear powers that opposed him). And many
countries shall be overthrown, but THESE (the Bride) shall ESCAPE out of his hand, even Edom and Moab and
the chief of the children of Ammon (Dan 11: 41). These are the mountains we must head towards, as we have
todescend from the heights of Jerusalem down to the valley of Achor (See
Marriage in the
Valley of Achor) and downwards to the Jordan. There we cross again as ourbrethren the first Children of God did,
over the swollen River Jordan as on dry land (See
Crossing the Jordan ). And then onward in our Escape upwards
to Mount Nebo, where our two witnesses or prophets, (Rev 11) recover the the Ark and the original Tabernacle that
was stored there by Jeremiah the prophet, for the End Times. (2Maccabibes 2)

For as the prophet Isaiah said. " And he (the Lord) shall set up an ensign for the nations and shall assemble the
outcasts of (spiritual) Israel and GATHER together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the Earth. (Not
just from around the local area but fromall over the world)….And they shall spoil them of the East TOGETHER,
they shall lay their hand upon EDOM and MOAB and the children of Ammon (The exact same wording as used by
Daniel …. and they) shall obey them.

And the Lord shall utterly destroy the tongue of the Egyptian Sea and with his mighty wind shall he shake his
Hand over the RIVER and shall smite it in the seven streams, and make men go over dryshod…(Remember Isaiah is
speaking in 700 B.C. about a thousand years after Moses and the original children of God fled Egypt…so Isaiah is
talking about the End-Time not about history…for he goes on to say) And there shall be an HIGHWAY for the
Remnant of his people (Remnant not millions and billions but more likely
144,000) which shall be left, from
Assyria, like as it was to Israel (the Children of God) in the day that he came up out of the land of Egypt. (Isaiah
11: 124-16)

Did you catch it, there will be a 2nd exodus of the Lord’s people out of Egypt except this time it will be out of
spiritual Egypt all over the world and we will be headed down a highway along the mountain tops of MOAB and
EDOM, following the same exact path as our forefathers. (See
2nd Exodus scriptures) but this time fleeing the other

For again if you read the prophet Micah. It will be "According to the days of thy coming out of the land of Egypt
will I (the Lord) shew unto him (or her, the Bride of Christ) marvellous things. The nations shall see and be
confounded at all their MIGHT. (For we shall be powerfull in the Lord), they shall lay their hand upon their
mouth, their ears shall be deaf…..they shall be AFRAID of the LORD our God, and shall fear because of Him.
(Micah 7 : 15, 16)

The Lord shall protect us supernaturally just as He did our brethren the first Children of God for in the End-Time,
as Joel the prophet said, "A GREAT people and a STRONG there hath not been ever the like neither shall be any
more after it, even to the years of many generations . (We are the End-Time people of the Lord and have to be
stronger than any of our brethren than ever went before us, because we have to believe them and their prophecies
from the Lord in truth and in strength of heart For again we have a literal)

Fire that devoureth before them and behind them a flame burneth. The land is as a
Garden of Eden before them.
(Read "
Feed my sheep in the wilderness") and behind them a desolate wilderness, yea and nothing shall escape
them…(Joel 2: 2b,3 and on). So no wonder the heathen are afraid of us, we are again protected by the FIRE of the
Lord’s angels ahead of us, over us and behind us, as we literally march down the KING’s HIGHWAY to a
place that has been prepared for us by God  So to start our journey, MOAB, has to protect us because it has been
commanded of her by the Lord our God to do so, for it is written in Isaiah. " Let mine outcasts, (See the
Fosaken, ex-
communicated ones class ) dwell with thee MOAB, be thou a COVERT to them from the face of the spoiler (the
Beast, the Anti-Christ) (Isaiah 16: 3b,4).

For as Micah said in the SPIRIT of the LORD, " I (the LORD) will surely assemble, O Jacob, all of thee, (not just
some of thee) I will surely gather the remnant of Israel (and her lost ten tribes) I will put them together as the sheep
of Bozrah (in Edom)as the flock in the midst of the fold (as the 12 tribes surrounding the Tabernacle). They shall
make great noise by reason of the multitude of men (and women and children, young and old, rich and poor, 1st
world and 3rd world). The breaker (the A.C.) has come up before them: they have broken up and have passed
through the gate, and are gone out by it: (Petra?) and their KING (see
David Prophecies) shall pass before them
and the Lord on the head of them. (Micah 2 : 12,13)

For again as our brother Hosea said, " Therefore, behold I will allure her (the Bride of Christ) and bring her into
the wilderness and speak comfortably unto her (while blasting the heathen in the world through His 7 trumpets)
And I will give her vineyards from thence and the valley of Achor, for a
Door of HOPE (Cave under the Mount all
the way to the valley of Achor) and she shall SING there as in the days of her youth, and AS IN THE DAY WHEN
SHE CAME UP OUT OF THE LAND OF EGYPT (2nd exodus repeated again and again) ….and I will make
them lie down safely. And I will bethroth thee (the Bride) unto me in righteousness, and in judgment and in
lovingkindness and in mercies. (See all the Sexual Classes). I will even bethroth thee unto me in faithfullness and
thou shalt KNOW the LORD. And we, the Bride, shall fight for the Bridegroom, as we journey down the Lord’s
Highway through EDOM and MOAB.

In His STRENGTH and MIGHT and through His SPIRIT

Love in

Jay (Jordan Fisherman)
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