Mathematical Masonic Connections of TIME ....... is called Prophecy                                  

 The Masonic emblem of a compass and a square, is not merely a construction tool, but a prophetic tool to determine location for navigators in
their travels in TIME. Why because with time, the dimensions of three dimensions in space, or around the Earth, takes more than 2 dimensional
flat mathematics, but 3 dimensional mathematics...

It gets complicated, as places move in TIME because of the revolution of the Earth around the Sun. To get their latitude and longitude, they
have to determine the angle to the Sun, and the timing of the spinning Earth around its axis. All created by design and actually determining time

Time and place are both designed, as well as speed to co-relate together (SEE
Sacred Geometry). For as mentioned time is by design of the
heavenly bodies. Nothing happens by chance but according to a preset and designed pattern. The ship captains discovering new places and
lands, had to know higher mathematics (SEE
Mystery Schools, and co-relations of PHI with the Earth and MOON conjunctions).

This is why time is so important, and to get to a place they had to know the exact TIME in their log books from the old or new Greenwich
TIME and rotation of the Earth (SEE Templar and
Foucalt Pendulum) ( Astronomy and the Stars)

Hence with the most important construction, the building of sacred temples, their Masonic code involves Huram, and Solomon. The Lord
created time and space and everything especially HIS SACRED TEMPLE had to be placed exactly where He dictated, and aligned exactly to the
rising Sun as with Giza and other sacred stone structures. Alignment and TIME had to coincide.

Time is prophecy, it dictates where we will be in time. Time is by design, prophecy is the design of time. Its not at random, as the GREAT
ARCH-itect is and was the Creator, or if you want to be more exact... the Lord of Lords or JESUS.

WE arrive at a PLACE in TIME according to the preset revolutions and rotations of heavenly bodies, not before hand or afterwards. Prophecy
is never early or late. To determine it you have to know the design of time. Without time nothing exists, it takes time to exist. Thats physics,
that involves mathematics and gives us the LAWS OF THE CREATOR in TIME. After when time is no more and we are into ETERNITY,
boundaries and laws change for those up to speed.

Ship Captains to get to a specific place had to know time to determine their position on Earth. The compass and square, is just another method
of showing the progress from two dimensional geometry which is flat to curved three dimensional geometry which is curved. Its the
mathematics of going from a square to a circle, from 4 to 5 (SEE How to Build Your Own Universe BOOK) (Sacred Geometry).

The squared circle if done exactly makes the pathway of a square, blown into a circle exactly the same. The pathway or length of a circle
equals the length of the square. Equality and Balance is the essense of power that is not determined by mere size but by exact ratios. PHI is the
power of the Universe. The Golden Section is by design, our design of our human body, the design of the Universe as well as the design of the
Earth, Moon, Sun, distances and speeds and its corresponding time (Called

Knowledge is power, which is why they taught these principles down in Mystery Schools for the elite, from Enoch onward, from Egypt and
their Great PHI PYRAMID onward, Greece, Rome til today. Top build the Great WORK, the Masons, or stone builders, or temple builders had
to know mathematics of the AGES. They had to know truths, principles and LAWS.

Nothing was by chance or at random, only the uneducated evolutionary indoctrinated ones believe in luck and chance which is why they can
build nothing and know nothing. Mathematics is not simply, materialistic quantitative additions of sums of money, but much deeper and more
important than mere counting of wealth, etc.. it involves greater truths and greater travels in time. To navigate the stars, or rockets, the great
scientists of today have to know speed, time, and the changing relations of different planets, stars and the Earth and Moon in TIME.

The Great Work, the Masons eluded to, was suppose to be used for the building of the real Christian Godly Temple, but their temple and their
god has failed and will always fail...... in TIME....the preset prophetical TIME
Picture of Masons Celebration in Albert Hall,
2017. Notice the 8x8 chess board or magic square,
compass, square, and evil eye