Jesus Destroys Man-made Viruses
   To survive what's ahead, you are going to have know a few things and have some principles in your heart to keep your body alive and to keep serving the
Lord. You can not be afraid of man and his weapons of mass destruction, nor down to his evil nano-particles that are intended to destroy your mind and
body. If you have never served the Lord or others, you surely will be some of those who lose,and fall along the way side.

  The Lord continually through HIS PROPHETS told HIS PEOPLE NOT TO FEAR. Joshuia was told fear not

   Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear will kill you, faith in the ALL POWERFUL LORD will keep you. He's still in total control over all our enemies, even
though we may have to go through these very worst of times to get to HIS SECOND COMING. It is only a test to purify us, and cleanse us. Don't falter,
and fail. Keep the Faith. There's nothing different in the present that changes the principles of the Lord in the past.

                                        Jesus Christ, the same yesterday today and forever.

    The Lord repeats over and over again, that His Faith is sufficient. He says. NO weapon formed against us shall prosper. Its a truth, hang on to it, and
believe it. Germs and viruses are no different than knives and guns. No weapon formed against us, shall prosper, because the Lord will protect and keep us.

   He told us already that these things were coming, so ' be so surprised that they are here. Nopthing has happened by accident or by the will of man, his
governments, or organizations. They were promised their time because the world has rejected the Lord. Be thankful the end is coming. Future events are not
a matter of chance and our obedience to false science and false leaders, because we fear death. The Lord created science and our human bodies, its not a
mere vehicle for pleasure or pain. Its divinely created, and designed to withstand disease and pestilences. It has not mutated since the Lord's creation of
mankind, neither have the diseases that try to stop it. But the vast majority have been deluded by the religious luck and chance
doctrine of evolution, so they fear so called mutations. No beneficial changing mutation has ever happened. But mankind has now been indocrinated into
believing, we are different than our forefathers, and diseases keep mutating by luck and chance to get worse and worse.

 For fear is the way to keep people subservient and into their religious folds of the few over the many. The truths of the Lord and the truths of Jesus life
when he healed all their diseases has not changed. Its a TRUTH. Viruses don't overwhelm and change Jesus turth concerning HIS HEALING SPIRIT. And
Yes if you dont believe you are doomed to believing a LIE. For as you think, so go you... literally.

 If you do the study, just believing a person can curse you, is enough for the weak minded to think they are cursed and die. If they see the enemy, and are
afraid then the battle is already over. People in the 3rd world as well as our weak kneed 1st worlders worship those they deem more powerful than
themselves, whether they are bigger or smaller and unseen.

  Yet Jesus created all, even though his man-made creation manipulates the genome for advantage and power sake. Thats why they study science, to use it
for evil purposes to gain more control and be more evil than their predessors.

 All this just meaning the Lord, meaning of course the one and ONLY JESUS can heal us from any virsu now or mutation now. Yes, you might have
foolishly allowed its introduction by fear, and you deserve your fate because of your stupidity. But still, I would say, the Lord can have mercy, if you did not
totally sell your soul to the evil ONE and his earthly minions. The Lords mercy is forever and lasts forever. You can still pray for deliverance, despite what
they have put in you, or means they have of tracking you, or starving you to death. This even if the Lord has to feed you by ravens, even if a pisonous snake
bites you, or a p
oisonous needle penetrates you.

  The principles of the Lord remain
the same forever. Nothing is impossible for the Lord. Laying on of hands still heals. No weapon that is formed against us
can harm us says the LORD OF LORDS. If you have faith and NOT FEAR all things are possible to you and yours. Dont give up, don;t commit suicide,
dont take up arms, dont blame the Lord. Blame yourself for almost totally wasting your life or lives, and buck up and KEEP THE FAITH