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Start of Daily Sacrifice

April 26th 2021

Thats my logical mathematical spiritual approximation for the start of the Daily Sacrifice before the 3rd Temple construction on the Temple Mount in

Its not a shot in the dark guess.

First the wheat harvest, is in mid August, and the grape harvest is in mid September, and if you know anything about the Lords timing and prophecy
you realise, all events must align with the Lord's HOLY DAYS or holidays of HIS CALENDAR. And I am not talking about one time frame or one
HOLY DAY convergence but ALL of them. To be correct, they all have to align.

So simply taking the set time frame of 2300 days away from the Day of Atonement or NEW YEAR Daniel 12 references.. the date becomes April
26th 2021, if 2027 is the Year of the Lords RETURN (as determined by many other markers).

You don't believe me, no problem we will see. Because we have to get it right ! If you get it wrong and are 2555 days minus 2300 days equals 255
days off, because you were waiting for ten nations to sign the Daniel Peace ACCORD or Abraham ACCORD all at one go... at one time... then you
are going to be way off in your movements and preparations, and especially the onslaught of the nuclear war between the beast and the the
NWO eliminates three nations to get down to ONE NATION, One World Government