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 OK, before the deniers come forward and say all events are nature or from Mother Nature or GAIA, etc etc... and the destructions are just normal and unrelated to any actions of man
etc... lets remove that LIE from the weak arsenal of denials

The Trumpets seem "NATURAL'

If you look back at the plagues that Moses smote Egypt with, you will note that they also will almost seem
'natural'. The goyum , the worldly, the children of the night will still NOT see them as judgments of God. When our
Two Witnesses come out of the wilderness and out of our Encampment, and walk boldly into Jerusalem, the
Anti-Christ's religious headquarters and they boldly bring down the trumpets of destruction upon the World...they
won't see them as from God.

They think the Anti-Christ is Jesus, they think they are the chosen ones, the godly ones and the two prophets are
evil. They won't think the hail, fire, and volcano erupting, the meterorite hitting are judgments of God. they will
think they are natuarally occuring and just a coincidence. They won't think that the Earth is helping the woman in
the wilderness, nor will they think that the two prophets will be judging them. They think they have the Christ, the
all powerful God ruling them. SEE Daniel Timeline and Revelation Timeline

Did Pharoah and the foolish of Egypt truly believe they were being judged by the Lord through Moses. NO. They
thought it was a natural occurance that happenned to them. A red tide, a plague of frogs, and flies, they thought it
was all natural occuring events that they could just outlive.

But when the biting locusts come out of the Earth at the command of our prophets, then the people of the world
are starting to get upset because of their pain. They are really getting anfry with these two prophets of doom and
gloom on their A.C. kingdom. Do they think about the true Lord...No, do any get saved at this time...IMO NO.
They already have the MARK of the Beast, only us in the wilderness are sealed by the Lord and protected from the
stings of the scorpions.

So when do the heathen start to weap and cry, only at the 7th trump, when they literally see that they have been
backing the wrong side. When they see Jesus coming to get his own, then they cry and are so sorry. But it's too late
and their fate is sealed and their weeping and selfish tears are not because they are sorry and repentant but because
they know they backed the wrong messiah. They were foolish and undiscerning and joined themselves to the evil one.

For the people of the world have been taught to see every thing as natural and just coincidence. They have been
brainwashed into NOT seeing the spiritual cause and effect of everything that happens. They don't know the
fulfillment of the Lord's prophecy, so the trumpets just like the plagues of our forefathers fall upon them. For they
are worthy.


Yikes written way back in 2001...

Im always one step ahead of the dumb stupid ignorant non scientists called evolutionists and their modus operandi of denying everything.

#13 May 8, 2018

Aha... found it, even though it is over ten years old..... as the Bible says.... bringing old and new treasures out of hiding..... for the old ones help us understand the new ones...

On geocities rather than yahoo.com

Hawaiian Earthquake &
Mid-East Serpent

My name is Benjamin, In the light of recent events I have become more aware of myself and the truth, not so much as I was in the dark before but more like things are becoming clearer.
My whole life, I have felt weird and isolated from others. I have always had intuitions and insight on things most never see or feel. I believe God has had his hand on me my whole watching
me, preparing me for what it is I am to do, he has spared me from death many times. You asked for dreams and I was so excited to finally have a place to share these things with and
hopefuly get some feed back. I have placed a particular dream I had in Feb,1998 which I will share with you Here was my dream:

In January of 1998 I was back visiting family in Hawaii. I had been in deep prayer for weeks asking God if I should return to the U.S.,or if I should stay in Hawaii (for me personally I feel
this is the biblical "Sodom and Gamorrah" or Babylon that was foretold in Revelation ).

On a particular night in February 1998, I slept upstairs during this dream/vision all though I believe I was asleep I was also awake, I could see my surroundings, but like a 3-D hologram I
witnessed this also I felt the presence of 3"beings" in the room with me "guiding” what I saw. In my dream I was in the air over an OVAL shaped city, I could see water around the edges
of the city, and the sky was a light-baby blue. As I looked around I noticed a large building and I could not make out it's size but it was clearly taller than all the other's that were around. I
thought maybe it was a hotel or office building. My attention drifted away for a moment as I admired the detail in this dream. I could see cars, people moving around.(Excerpt Part 1)

(And amazingly, I found my OPINION or interpretation of Bens dream..... including the tidal wave and sea mound, and Templar Prophecy.... to be continued)

#14 May 8, 2018
Continued from above (not from below)

Suddenly I heard a loud boom and everything shook my attention was again drawn to the large building. I heard people screaming to me at first it sounded like a few then hundreds. I
realized I was close, Then I was looking at it from a distance and the bang actually scared me. I thought it was an earth quake. Once I moved, I noticed the same building was now
cracked and I saw people jumping from the building. It terrified me it was so real, I focused in on one woman as she jumped she was wearing a flowery or multi-colored shirt, black pants
and black shoes. I watched her body fall and bounce off the building till it hit ground in a sitting position and splattered. I drew away to look at the building and I saw it shake and as it did
the screams became intense and the building snapped and fell down. I looked around and I could see, what looked to me like brown water (possibly debris??) and I could see dead
bodies in it stiff, with rigamortis decaying.

The next thing I was over a BLACKSEA (emphasis on the last) and I could see battleships and aircraft carriers heading somewhere fast,and the impression I had was that something bad
had happened. That was the first part!

I was in a desert walking with someone else, I thought it might be my sister or woman I am not sure I never really looked. Besides what caught my attention was I saw a LARGE BLACK
SERPENT glossy black with a big red diamond on it's head. It was coiled up and it was at a great distance away. I got the impression it was 30 miles away that is how large it was, it
looked right at me and I was terrified it stared at me for a moment, and then dropped below the horizon and I knew it was coming for me. The earth began to shake and I started to run,
although I could not see it. I knew it was gaining on me when I willed myself somehow to fly. As I did I gained great speed and I noticed I was in the "MIDDLE EAST"

I knew it was because.I saw nomads, people on camels at times vegetation and water, somehow I felt safe for then and I saw a group of tents assembled together like shops, I wanted to
warn them about the serpent so I settled down. At first I was yelling telling them about the serpent but no one listened, after a moment I felt secure, maybe I had lost it. I noticed people
selling different items, jewelry, beads and foods. Suddenly I heard a crash and I remembered the serpent, I ran out in the opposite end. I came in back in the front, once there I saw the
serpent's body half way in it had to have been 7-8ft wide, it was eating people. I saw at least twelve people inside of it with their mouth's open and faces compressed against it's skin as if
they were suffocating. I screamed and grabbed a sickle and jumped on it's back, it's scale plates were rough, dry, about 4inches thick and hot, when I attempted to cut the people out ….
the sickle bent and broke, the serpent then looked over it's left side, at me. It had a person's body halfway in it's mouth that it proceeded to then swallow almost as if to taunt me...I was
helpless. It the roared loud and began to writhe and squirm under me and the flicked me high into the air.

#15 May 8, 2018

Whoops heres the hyperLINK, oldie but goodie


Continued from above...

So what do you think? I would be glad to share some of the other's with you, hopefully you will get this. Sometimes I don't even know what they mean, but I know I am different and I
know there is something I am supposed to do. In closing I will add I am saved, I have been from the time I was a child, and I believe in OUR God and our Creator, and believe that Jesus
was and is the Son of God and He is my Saviour. What I have said is true and honest, nothing fabricated and nothing exaggerated, I have told this dream before and it has and always will
remain the same.

May Our God Bless, protect and keep you keep up the good work and fight the good fight!



Thanks for sending your dream in Ben, and because I think it is spiritual and you have seen and heard from the Lord, allow me to repost this dream/vision for others, as I see many
corelations with what you saw and the Lord's other prophecies concerning Hawaii, and even the Trumpets of Tribulation the Mid east and the Serpent. So if any are interested ...see My
Interpretation of Ben's Dream in my opinion ONLY.

End of post...

Do notice there is a hyperLINK to MY interpretation of Rens Dream... its following

#16 May 8, 2018

Interpretation of Hawaiian EarthQuake
and Mid-East Serpent Dream

In my opinion, Ben's dream concerning the Hawaiian Earthquake is from the Lord because it matches the prophecies of the Lord's other prophets in the Bible and confirms and enhances
many of the events that I think will be happenning in the future.

And so firstly, Ben saw and felt an earthquake in the Hawaiian Islands, obviously in Honolulu as that is the only major city with buildings tall enough to fit Ben's description. He sees brown
water, possibly debris being cast around as if a tidal wave had followed the earthquake and decimated the harbour with turbulent water. All this, seemingly confirming the Templar's
prophecy that the Hawaiian Islands will be the place where a seamount rises out of the Pacific Ocean to bring in a dawn of a new era. And with the rise of a volcano, there is a crack in the
earth's crust that causes earthquakes. But rather than bringing their supposed new world era into being, I think in Christian prophecy this sea mount which is building even now, is discribing
the 'First Two Trumpets of Tribulation'.........

Revelation 8:7-8 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green
grass was burnt up. And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood

And seeing that these first two trumpets are blown AFTER the start of the Tribulation, as we flee into the wilderness,(SEE Revelation Timeline) then this fire and hail can be the gas
emissions from such a volcano, which could literally burn up all the surrounding forests of the Pacific Rim, the Ring of Fire. And once it breaks the surface literally, this great mountain rising
out of the ocean could turn the whole Pacific into the color of blood.... red from its spewwing ashes.

From this scene, Ben is shown naval military action in the Black Sea. So who is there, the Russians. For they dock their southern naval fleets in the Black Sea, and these would be
mobilized and used for a Mid East Conflict. For again at this time, right before the tribulation, the Anti-Christ from Russia (SEE Russian Anti-Christ Prophecies) would destroy three nulear
nations (America, Britian, and one other) and then move toward Jerusalem to take it intact as his world religious and financial headquarters.(SEE Daniel 11)

#17 May 8, 2018

In PART 2, Ben sees himself, below the Black Sea in the Middle East, as obviously the trouble is there with the uncoiled black sepent. Usually in prophecy this snake also called a dragon
is red, Revelation 12: 3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. But in Ben's
dream, it has a red diamond on its head, the place where the A.C's Mark will be placed. Interesting !! And so the 'Serpent' is obviously the Devil in the form of the Anti-Christ and he is
running amuk in the Mid-East in his conquest of the whole world. For in essense this Large Black Serpent is figuratively eating up people and devouring them militarily... as he even thinks
he can declare war on the Lord's people and win.

Revelation 12:13-14 And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child. And to the woman were given two wings of a
great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place,(Petra) where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time,(3 and a half years) from the face of the serpent..... Rev
12:17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make WAR with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Consequently any that oppose the AC and refuse to take His Mark shall literally be chewed up and swallowed and killed by Him and His religious forces who have now dictated that all
should bow to Him, the new God and new Messiah to the Earth.(SEE All shall bow to the A.C.) For who in the world can fight the beast.... No one and yet spiritually he will literally be
eating up even his followers souls if they yield to his fear and false promises.

Nevertheless we can try to help people now in witnessing to them before the Snake devours them, but it will cost us and he will turn on us and fight us even before declaring war on us as
we expose him.(SEE We shall fight and die) But that's what we are to do as the dark days draw nearer, and as the Serpent arises after the signing of the Mid-East Peace Covenant, that
doesn't bring peace but more war. We are to witness and win while we can, and be prepared to fight in rescuing those at risk. We have to find and 'Gather the lost sheep' of the Lord
before the Serpent's ugly head arises and takes over his worldly kingdom. We can't destroy him, but our Lord and our God ... JESUS can and He does at the Battle of Armeggeddon.

In My opinion and according to my interpretation of Ben's Dream


(from http://www.geocities.ws/davidjayjordan/Hawaii... )

#18 May 9, 2018

Now, the interesting and confirming and LINK between the Hawaiian Eruptions and Prophecy is that elsewhere, the dark sided ones, talk and write about the Templar Prophecy where
WHEN the Hawaiian Mount breaks the surface, then shall the New Age begin with their man, the AC.

Ill get that or those LINKS for you, even though a simple Google would find it for ya.

For remember I told you previously that they do know the timing of prophecy... as Jesus foretold. For they know when they are allowed to be released on the world. The AC arrives in
the middle of the Last Seven Years... NOT NOW !! First a Mid East War, then the Covenant signing by TEN, and then maybe three years later a NUCLEAR WAR, if you like WW#3.
Followed a few months later, by the stopping of the sacrificing and the enthronement of the AC in the 3rd Temple. Thats the design of Time, or Prophecy Timing.... that the Templars
know.(Sadly they use to be Christian before they were taken over by the dark side)

So The Hawaiian Eruptions, is not an every 850 million year event as the dumb ignorant evolutionists say, in trying to excuse their dumb ignorance... but a precise exact event, that is just
starting in its mnor eruption before the major one... a few years from now. Nevertheless, its eruption now is a harbinger of things to come, and exactly where it had to be, to fulfill the exact
PROPHECY of Revelation, and to fullill Bens dream.

And again do note that Bens dream, correlates the Serpent in the Mid East, as it eats away the poor Syrians, and soon Iranians, and more Palestinians, and innocent Jewish people... and
others....WITH the Hawaiian Eruption.... and that was online over 15 years ago, and has been unchanged.

#19 May 9, 2018

Here it tis.... the volcano mountain that will be build up and break the surface, NOT now, but in a few years, according to its designated designed time...

The SECOND TRUMP of Revelations,


I mean evolutionists should be able to google this, but never google or study anything that takes brains.

""Both Loihi and Kilauea volcanoes sit on the flank Mauna Loa volcano, an older, larger, and still active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Loihi sits submerged in the Pacific off of the
south-eastern coast of the Big Island of Hawaii (this is the grey area labeled "Hawaii" at the top of the image).
https://www.soest.hawaii.edu/GG/HCV/loihi.htm... ""

Therefore simply click on https://www.soest.hawaii.edu/GG/HCV/loihi.htm

From the graph there, it appears to be only about 800 meters below the surface.. on its mountain base of about 2400 meters..... to the sea floor. In other words, it already has a mountain
of lava underneath it, so an eruption would only have to elevate its mouth, 800 meters before it can spew straight into the atmosphere. Ha...maybe a two month eruption would be able to
elevate it that far... not a problem for the Lord...as nothing is a problem for the Lord... What will be, will be and man cant stop it.

#21 May 9, 2018

Back to truths... as mentioned the ocean currents with a central olcanic eruption can spread to the whole Pacific


But its elevated into a worldwide trumpet brought down by the TWO CHRISTIAN PROPHETS or witnesses via the whole Ring of Fire.... around the Pacific.... eruptions and
earthquakes everywhere on the Ring...as Jesus foretold and exactly at the right timeframe when the world has chosen the Ac as their Messiah. For it is worthy, and true and righteous are
His JUDGMENTS And the evolutionists gnashed their teeth and ran back to their caves and dens.... but they shall return

#25 May 9, 2018
No Jesus predicted it much before you, non thinking Rose... and gave the exact timeline, and exact history and exact personages involved...

(He wasnt an evolutionary...into estimates in billions and trillions of years, but exactness, and exact fulfillments)

SEE and study readers, and researchers


Evolutionists never research anything so will not be able to... but you can.
Mathew 24 15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet,
stand in the holy place,(whoso readeth, let him understand:)

To understand the timing you have to know the times and dates of Daniel the prophet of JESUS.. You have to know and understand what the abomination of desolation is (computer for
worldwide currency called the MARK), you have to know that the holy place is inside the 3rd Temple .

Then you can have knowledge and discernment ^^^^^...

For wars are just the beginning of sorrows.

Mathew 24

7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

#27 May 12, 2018

An energy steam plant seems likely to explode, as lava is coming its way


This is not the BIG ONE of the Great Tribulation, but may be a precursor... Maybe a warm up..... A big explosion now, may lop off a section of lava that has over-lapped the ocean, and
bring it downwards, displacing a huge volume of water... But don't worry evolutionists, huge explosions in your mind always bring on beneficial mutations and make things better....

But the bigger news is in the Mid East, as the Black Serpent spreads, look for Palestinian protest ********** its an anniversary celebration.

#28 May 15, 2018

Black is symbolic of death... and the black horseman of Revelations rides in the End Time, more so than before, because it i His TIME, and the end tme is the worst time of all times, as all
the forces of Hell are released because the world is worthy and has chosen them. The Hawaiian volcano is till erupting and causing earthquakes and they expect more earthquakes in
PNG...in the southern Pacific. So Yes, very probable, for like the Mid East Black Snake and war eruption, it will escalate.

Mathew 24.. Jesus the King said...there shall be earthquakes in divers (or many ) places. And plaques (like the Black Plague,... Ebola re-emerges (another man made disease).

But what did Jesus say exactly... these are NOT the end... these are only the beginnings of SORROW.. The Lord has a specific plan and scenario of events that all have to be fulfilled in
order according to His PLAN.

(IE..Now look for not just the war in the Mid East, but earthquakes, and disease..as they are only the BEGINNING OF SORROW

#29 Thursday May 17

UFO's...Hmmm...they say that UFO's come from outer space and not from Hell and the BELOW SPACE... And the evolutionists say, its just an eruption, dont worry evolutionists...our
god of evolution and Big Bangs will save us.

#30 Monday May 21

Viruses are not living things. Viruses are complicated assemblies of molecules, including proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates, but on their own they can do nothing until they
enter a living cell. Without cells, viruses would not be able to multiply. Therefore, viruses are not living things.


Much lies the lies of cancer, a parasite, a predator, a disease to the max... and it is not living and just tries to suck the life out of others.

Cant replicate except via others....

A perfect target for out of control moral-less geneticist to manipulate and bring to life in the bodies of unsuspecting young, blacks, gays, forced vaccinations etc....

New research..

What virus was the Black Plague?
In virtually every textbook the Bubonic Plague, which is spread by flea-ridden rats, is named as the culprit behind the chaos. But mounting evidence suggests that an Ebola-like virus was
the actual cause of the Black Death and the sporadic outbreaks that occurred in the following 300 years.Nov 8, 2013
Could the Black Death Actually Have Been an Ebola-like Virus?- Nature
https://www.nature.com/scitable/blog/viruses1 ...


Amazing as in the Hawaiian Volcano thread, the volcano eruptions matched the timing of the Great Tribulation according to the Templars and Masons, and according yo Revelation..

And Ben linked this directly to the Black Serpent rising and killing in the Mid East..

And I was talking about the forecast or prophesied diseases that were foreshadowing as stated by Jesus.... I thought they were going to bring back the black plague, as I thought it was
entirely different than Ebola... but the above research suggests Ebola can be the black plague or a new manually manipulated strain to kill off more world wide slaves.... starting with Africa.

(Do note the Illuminati are racists...and depopulating excess blacks is a positive in their eyes)

THEREFORE we have another confirmation of the validation of Bens dream.... the black horse (death) and the Black Serpent in the Mideast (60 dead, 2900 wounded) and the Ebola
outbreak are connected seems obvious after the above RESEARCH

Creationists research for possible connections, and truths. Evolutionists only deny as they dont know how to research.

#31 Monday May 21
Oh my, hold onto your marbles.... if you are unstable and unprepared for truths...


Yes it appears, that Ebola and the black plague are related, and it s virus can be manipulated and this happenned in 2014/15...in other words just before the man made incursion of
EBOLA. Coincidence,, very unlikely

And note that Big Pharma as mentioned likes to make money on their manipulated diseases with a counter vaccine, that they just happened to have patented...just as they have dug up
black plague viruses to duplicate... Its all their brethren

The deniers will deny even as they change colors but the real researchers will research and find truths to save themselves and others.

Only the blood of Jesus will save any of us, rather than watching our blood vessels burst via Ebola or from Ebola vaccines.

SEE and study Evolutionary manipulated depopulation..


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