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Why sex is 'spiritual' biologically
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Sex is spiritual but this isn't literary license but a biological fact you can study, research and find OUT.

You may know it from experience, or have the common sense to understand that your climax is more than just electrical
release or implosion of energy, but a literal connection to the stars and the ETERNAL, for this is why you can literally see
stars (and more) when you reach its ESCTASY.

O.K. as always the first thing you need to realise is that your body is NOT made by evolutionary chance, for the more you
study its unigueness and abilities, the more you should see the LORD'S DESIGN in its marvellous construction.

Creation versus Evolution.

As King David said .... Psa 139:14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works;
and that my soul knoweth right well

When you make love and explode you are making love to LOVE itself and the Creator of Love, but let's prove
it....... biologically

Lovemaking starts in our minds, as we visualise, or feel, or imagine or sense, or smell, or taste the elixirs that get our
hormones racing and our physical bodies ready for love. In both sexes this culmination of readiness is exactly the same
believe it or not.

SEE Male and Female Sexually Equal Biology

And then with more of our senses getting involved, we reach the RTHYMN divine where the frequency of stimulation
whether just in our minds or in our bodies, our clits or cocks reaches a harmonic of 33 hertz, and we start to go into

Absolute 33

Our neurons are energized, and believe it or not, this energy comes from the Lord into our bodies from the ground or from
the air. Its called orgonic energy. When we get to the right frequency and create a vacuum THEN the Lord's energy starts
sweeping into our electrical lightning rods. ... the head of the penus, or the head of the clitorus. And acCUMulates it for

For it HERE at this level, where the Lord put our pineal glands ...... as our spiritual receptors and spiritual transmitters.

Golden Section and your Body

For it is from HERE, that our spirits can literally communicate with the Lord. And from HERE, our literal souls travel
when we die, and go back to OUR MAKER

Pineal Projection.

  Phi Pyramid projection of the stars

And it is from HERE, that the energy that the Lord gives us can be directed back to Him in Thanks and PRAISE for the
Life and sex he has given us. If in and at ORGASM, that we think about making love to Him, our first love and HUSBAND.

Jesus Created Sex

For in science, Spirit just means the unseen. And scientifically, the unseen visually means little because 69/70ths of the
electromagnetic field is invisable. Hence even though we can not see the literal scientific waves shooting from our minds, and
brains and souls, it does not mean these waves do not exist. For they do, for this is how we literally communicate with the
Lord in prayer, or at climax, if we have got the FAITH to become ONE with Him when we reach His PLATEAU of
explosion. Or more simply when we reach out our spirits to Him in prayer.... Same process, same mechanism, same
pathways of desire !

Climbing Jacobs Ladder

This circuit of electricity, Orgonic energy, or Holy Spirit energy (the vechicle for learning and communication) completes
the cycle, and makes us ONE with HIM.

William Reichs Sexual Energy Orgone

Giving back to Him the 'LOVE' He has given to us. For love may be spiritual and unseen in the visable realm, but its actions
and results are clearly visable in the physical, and shows that He is REAL, just as His LOVE is REAL. Sex can be spiritual
when we direct love back to HIM and to others and through others.

Real Love

Can you feel it ? Can you see it ? Can you understand it ?

It may take a little effort to grasp this, but you should know it intutively already to help you in your search for truth.

All the BEST in His