Memphis will bury you.....Warning Tract
Connecting Up Children of God Prophecy - Memphis - Moloch - Bohemian Grove - Illuminati - Mystery Babylon
 Virgina Brant Berg was the mother of David Berg, (the leader of the Children of God which inspired the Jesus
People Movement worldwide). She had a tremendous testimony of healing from the Lord, and had come from
quite a linage of Christian leaders. In the late 1960's she received the 'WARNING TRACT Prophecy' to the right
...(For a more complete back ground go to  James website

Obviously it concerns, the time period before the GREAT TRIBULATION, when the world will unite into the
ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT of the Russian Anti-Christ. This being the NEW WORLD ORDER and will be as
confusing as Hell, as the Russian Beast has eliminated the Babylon the Whore. For then the majority of the Earth,
shall be unprepared and will be in CONFUSION. In the numbness after the unilateral nuclear war, they will just
obey and follow him and take His MAR , just as they were put in GREAT Confusion by the media and deceptions
in the LAST DAYS before the FALL of Babylon (the U.S.)

But the Warning Tract starts with
'Turn your eyes towards Memphis' Yet it does not make sense if taken in a
geological sense, but CAN be understood if you go back in history ..... and connect up linages and groups with
other nefarious groups of the past... for they are ONE, and the imageries and practices go on and on.

For herein, I hope to show you, how Memphis (Egypt) of the past confirms this prophecy as TRUE, and can
help us get out of the devils confusion, and open up our eyes to what is happening as the New World Order
takes over minds and bodies, through its so called GREAT RESET. This topic can be expanded into great detail,
but I shall narrow it down, with this overall starting point.

Memphis Egypt was the capital of the first world government after the FLOOD OF NOAH. His black son,
Ham starting it, as talked about in Daniel 2, etc . Hence the statement 'Turning your EYES toward Memphis
Egypt, is not out of place, but points back to the origins of the city, political systems of the world, and its
underlying religion

Remember the Lord covers the Beginning to the End, for HE is the ALPHA and OMEGA, and its always been an
on-going fight between GOOD AND EVIL. Bad seed and GOOD SEED. There are no gaps or missing LINKS in

OK.... knowing that Memphis was the capital city of Ancient Egypt' and as such was also the spiritual capital of
their devoid anti-God religion, you can better understand the principle of LIBERTY and SLAVERY via the fight
between Moses and the evil
Pharoah's who would not let the Hebrew slaves go.

But what God, did the weak faithed Hebrews resort back to when Moses went away for forty days
to get the 10 COMMANDMENTS meant to control them. They were so afraid of dying of starvation,
and hence worshipped and praised the God of Egypt that would surely satisfy and provide for them the pleasures
of Egypt. They still trusted in the materialistic idol  'APIS' of Egypt, rather than trusting in the unseen God of
Faith that had delivered them. The materialistic idol worshippers today are no different

  Many today knowingly or unknowingly still worship, this calf and BULL Symbol.
Do note to the right, the Bull statue outside the New York Stock Market. This is the main religion worldwide, its
called materialism, the worship of things.

  They but and sell, and get respect from their peers by the accumulation of wealth. These are called
the great ones.... of the Earth... the merchants, the RICH.. Bill Gates, etc. These rich elite, deem
themselves stronger and more valuable that the useless eaters below them,  that they actually tell
themselves that depopulating the world through disease, would benefit mankind. (Please study BILL Gates and
Materialistic BULL before New York Stock Market
    So let me now, give you an example of someone who openly worships the horned god or OWL).  His
name is DRAKE. His symbol is the horned OWL. He's a hip hop artist that has amassed quite the fortune
as their god is the god of materialism... if they will worship and serve him, as the devil tempted Jesus.
Jesus rejected the devil's offer, but the evil ones are choose temporary fortune and fame over the Lord
and LOVE. His name is DRAKE. His symbol is the horned OWL

 Drakes Owl is not a cute little symbol, but a symbol of darkness, and swift death in the
night, and a way of keeping its worshippers literally quiet about their secrets and symbolism
connections. Drake is over to the right, as he literally gives an INvocation to the Owl Spirit of Ancient
Egypt, for its worshippers at His yearly Festival.. And below, his business logo of an owl, OVO, that
has is known by the inner grouping of owl worshippers, of helping their own, that bow to their mutual

SO WHAT ! You may be thinking, so what ! It's just a foolish silly off shoot groupings of wierd
musicians. But wait one more minute, as every year in the middle of summer, 300 prominent political
leaders, businessmen and the rich elite gather in the REDWOOD GROOVES OF NORTHERN
CALIFORNIA. This male only retreat, that is absolutely private and secretive, has the richest and most
powerful men of the world there. And of course, they also have their central focus on this same
Egyptian 40 foot Horned Owl and do a symbolic child sacrifice below.

  Make the connections. B
e not deceived by them

 So again ask yourself is there any connection to the statue or idol they worship with a depiction of
their evil God ... MOLECH. Molech worship involves the killing of chldren. This is why the elite,
promote pediaphilia, abortion, sterilization Molech god. and burning them in the fires below the seated.
Satanic rituals of sacrificing children happened in the past in many cultures. This they do in the
Bohemian Groove, and this is why so many children go missing. For they love to torture and kill, and
follow up by drinking the blood of their victums.  (SEE
Adrenachrome Drinking)

 The centerpiece of the two-week encampment is the “Cremation of Care” ritual ceremonies. A virtual
devil-fest, this pagan drama is a massive theatrical production with outstanding actors and actresses
(male actors portray the female parts in the drama – major cross-dressing). Similar to the bacchanalias
of ancient Europe in which the various gods and goddesses were worshipped, animalistic idols were
venerated, sexual orgies were engaged in, and human beings sacrificed, the Bohemian ritual ranks at the
top of the occultic Secret Society dramas.

 It appears that the ancient Canaanite and Hebrew deity “Moloch” is represented at the Bohemian ritual
by a 42-foot tall (some say forty foot) owl-like figure. Shrouded in flames, this owl deity is surrounded
by Druidic priests and other characters. During the ceremony, chosen “victims” are sacrificed. Their
screams and shrieks pierce and shatter the still night air. As God told Ezekiel long ago, “Go in and
behold the wicked abominations that they do here” (Ezekiel 8:9).

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic
    of letter M (Memphis)
Drakes invocation to the Owl God
In conclusion, the Warning Tract  by Grandma Berg was from the Lord. Hear its warning, to stay
out of GREAT CONFUSION and entanglement with the Great WHORE of Babylon.

Revelation 18:10
Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great
city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.  
Revelation 18:17 For in one hour so great riches is come to nought. And
every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many
as trade by sea, stood afar off,

""Turn your eyes toward Memphis, Egypt, for out of her shall
         come the great CONFUSION""
Hosea 9:6
For, lo, they are gone because of destruction: Egypt shall gather  them up,
Memphis shall bury them:

In other words, Memphis shall bury us, put us in the grave, meaning Memphis
shall kill us, via wars, vaccinations, pestilences, rioting, famines, and depopulation
The WARNING TRACT was a true prophetic WARNING, that we should be
PREPARED and BE NOT DECEIVED by the Great Society, forshe is that
GREAT CITY, America - Babylon the Whore. For its present demise shall be
followed by a fiery nuclear destruction by an even greater evil ... Russia, the Beast.
And  its demise, the destruction of idol worship and the religion of materialism ...shall
be with great confusion, as the media and politicans and so called great ones of the\
NWO shall deceive'

 Consequently again ask yourself is there any connection to the statue or idol they
worship with a depiction of their evil God ... MOLECH. Molech worship involves the
killing of children. This is why the elite, promote pedophilia, abortion, sterilization
Molech god. and burning them in the fires below the seated Satanic rituals of
sacrificing children happened in the past in many cultures. This they do in the
Bohemian Groove, and this is why so many children go missing. For they love to
torture and kill, and follow up by drinking the blood of their victims.  (SEE
Adrenachrome Drinking)

Dont think a politician or a country will save you or us. Dont think a group or a medicine
will save you. You shall ONLY be saved if you know the Lord, and only rewarded if you follow the
Lord, til the end, by knowing HIS TRUTH that brings you out of GREAT CONFUSION..

Dont let Memphis bury you, don't go into the drunken Groove of the OWL, dont be
deceived by so called great evil ones of the Earth, don't fed your children to Molech,
and their anti-god education doctrines of devils.



March 8,2021
                             From       Alex jones
k EyM_aTc
Leviticus 20
And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of
the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall
stone him with stones. And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his
seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name. ..
Moses and Horned Bull (Calf) God of Egypt
Child Sacrifice to Molech
Bohemian Grove
          More Confirmations on Warning Tract

1. It was given in 1966. Long before China was a world power, yet
it stated Eastern NATIONS will combine with a GREAT NATION.
The Great Nation being Russia, and gather their forces against  the
Great Society, the U>S< and it will come to travail and bring forth
the Great Confusion.

2. Also mentioning the Two Red, RED with warning signs,,, as
these two Communist countries join together, just as in Revelation
where an Eastern Nation crosses the Eurphrates with millions of  
army) and marches to the Valley of Armageddon.

3. Meanwhile the rioting of Blacks with Whites will have started the
Great Confusion
New Confirmation on Memphis EGPYT  

 Its three weeks since I wrote the above comments and connections to the
WARNING TRACT, and since then a huge tanker mysteriously had a mere
thirty mph gust of wind susposedly slam it into the side of the Suez canal in
EGPYT. This blocking international trade through the CANAL to many
parts of the world's interconnected food and supply chain. Is this connected
and the precursor to the Iranian War and then the Covenant of Daniel.
To be determined ????

March 29,2021