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March, 4th 2011

Vladislav Surkov

Pictured HERE with Putin, shows that he is taller and better looking than the short, chip on the shoulder Putin.


And do notice when he was born ...

September 21, 1964 in Solntsevo, Lipetsk Oblast, Soviet Union, or Shali, Checheno-Ingush ASSR, Soviet Union

How coincidental or destined to be right on the EQUINOX....), What are the odds ?

And they can't tell where he was born, either Checheno or Oblast, again we better pin point these locations and see if it also is
significant and confirming, as I postulated that his birth place should be near the Altai mountains.

His face is not fierce, or more stout, but it could be easily considered handsome and angelic or David-like..

Now back to the 'Son of the widow' prophecy
Russian A.C. - Vladimir Surkov  ?