UpComing WAR with Iran

     The Iranian War is next on the schedule of prophetic events. It can't be avoided, It doesn't have a linked Central Bank and that can not be allowed. All must join together
as the NWO, and work together to bring forward their MAN OF PEACE who is a MAN OF WAR, so an independent country must be put in line.

      Besdies the LORD'S PROPHECY dictates that the START of the LAST SEVEN YEARS as perfectly layed out to Daniel the prophet in Chapter 9, starts out at the signing
of the COVENANT between exactly TEN world powers. These powerful countries have to get together to stop the hayhem caused by the outbreak of war. It will surely
effect the whole world, stop the oil supply, wreck havoc on a tenuous weakened economies (SEE COVID ECONOMIES) and almost bring on World War 3. But it has been
prophesied to be settled by the PRINCE OF THE COVENANT, who shall use shuttle diplomancy among the Arab, Western and Eastern Nations.

      The Gaza conflict will again arise, as the prison camp has to be settled with some rights for the Palestinians. The state of Israel, will secure quaranteed Temple Mount
Rights in exchange for some Palestinian assurances. This very important for the framework of the Anti-Christ, as the Jewish Priesthood, has to begin the  DAILY SACRIFICE
before the construction site of new 3rd Jewish Temple. (SEE TWO SIGNPOSTS for SEVEN YEARS)

      As with the Suez blockage, the Straits of Hormuz will surely be the conflict point for this international war. Oil involves all countries worldwide, and Russia has a pact
with Iran to help her out when attacked. The West will follow the US lead, excused by some false flag, as all wars have false flags easily manipulated to support its so called
needed defensive actions that turn aggressive out of so called necessity. But this time the escalation will be quick, even reaching nuclear demensions. But it has to be stopped
and WILL BE STOPPED, by the security assurances of these TEN COUNTRIES.

    In Daniel 2, they are called the ten toes, in Revelation they are called the ten kings..... the Lords Prophecy is very definite and specific. These ten countries, also called
kingdoms united stand for this temporary PEACE DEAL, together form the SEVENTH WORLD GOVERNMENT

The previous six being also described in order in the BOOK OF DANIEL, as ...

Medo Persia

    The PEACE AGREEMENT will be a COVENANT not only covering Military, Economic, but also RELIGIOUS settlements among all sides. Hence it will be deemed an
absolute miracle of diplomacy that has so called 'saved' the world. Mind you this is only a temporary fix as the West acts up, and eventually Babylon the Whore has to be
destoyed by the Russian Beast. From thence comes the conquering evil ruler called the ANTI-CHRIST. But first, they must take out Iran,sad but true.

Look for the rumblings of the IRAN War and its start.
David Jay Jordan