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Seeing I or we have been talking about the Ring of Fire and the Hawaiian eruptions


Lets proceed deeper and deeper into the explanations of the past design of time, for the Pacific Rim, and how it fits into the design of FUTURE TIME (Called Prophecy) in the
ENDTIME. After the great worldwide Flood as written about by Darwin and Veikosky and others, according to the exact time line as given by Moses (via the Lord)


350 years later in the Days of Peleg, a descendant of Noah, the Earth was divided


Instead of being one land mass centered around Giza, it separated as was the case for language separation of the past, so that the continents drifted apart. And it wasnt inch by inch.

Do the Google study...

Yet again, it moved away from Giza to balance the Earth geometrically. Hence, the opposite side of the Earth built up a ring of pressure on the other exact side from Giza. (Check your
globes even though evolutionists surely do note have any). For thereon you can see visually that the RING OF FIRE, or fissures, or volcanoes emitting fire, is exactly opposite Giza. Its not
a random move, but a designed move, that has these volcanic mountains that will be erupting further right around the opposite Earthly locations from where the center of action will be in
the EndTime.

Where the Middle East as we battle the Black Serpent there and defend ourselves til the very END and the Second Coming of the Creator...


More and more later ...

IHGS (IN His Geological Service)



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