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#1 Nov 1, 2017

   Insane religionists called evolutionists claim that single celled life evolved into more and more complex life (even though this violates the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics). They claim that
neurons evolved into 'being' magically or as they say 'naturally' and just kept on developing or evolving in time (Billions of years). But what is the driving force...... can a simple brain, or
single neuron WANT to get more advanced because of the NEED to advance. Can a monkey brain get the desire or need to get or transfer more intelligence to their offspring for survival


Nothing that is learned in life or in a single cell, or monkeys life ever gets passed on to the next generation. Our sexual DNA does not change if we happen to learn something in this life.
We have to literally try to teach wisdom and intelligence to the next generation, and they have to choose to LEARN. This is why we have schools. INtelligence has to be put IN, its not
automatic. Our DNA has not changed since creation of humans, Adam had the same DNA or we have the same DNA or brain function as ADAM and EVE. We as human beings are not
getting smarter, all we can do is pass on information or lies to the next generation.

Brains don't evolve,. Brains have never evolved. Desire and WANT and NEED or thinking does not change your DNA. Embryology separates our sexual DNA at the very early stages.
Environment, conditions and decisions do not change our brain DNA as passed on to the next generation via our sexual DNA.

Evolutionists can only retreat BACK to their only supposed driving force for change and say, its all LUCK and CHANCE.... all due to random lucky beneficial mutations in our gonads,
that just magically have supposedly improved our brains to the human level. Its idiocracy to the max, but thats their claim and thats again their only driving force.... LUCK and CHANCE.

#3 Nov 1, 2017

Evolutionist responds *******

Then I respond with ....... Pray tell what are these non random events, that are not luck and chance. But evolutionists in their desperation to find anything that is not LUCK AND
CHANCE do try to incorporate living systems that came into existence through their supposed LUCK AND CHANCE GENETICS. Thereby hoping to deify their God OF
SELECTION as if she is alive and choosing the very best beneficial mutations that came about by LUCK AND CHANCE.

So tell us in your own words, about your non random (not LUCK and CHANCE EVENTS) even though this thread is about the human brain. Hence show us how non randon events,
selected beneficial mutations (created by LUCK and CHANCE)  evolve our brain cells into better more improved brain cells.

I thought better functioning brains came from focus and learning and studying created laws and cause and effect, rather than by LUCK AND CHANCE. And I thought, we humans had to
put forth effort to connect up all the sciences together to get connected pathways and connected neurons, and intelligence. Design and intelligence shows creationism not LUCK AND
CHANCE EVOLUTION. Evolution relates to no true science and LUCK and CHANCE does not formulate into any LAW or any PHYSICS.. IE there is no application of evolution, it
teaches nothing and is nothing.  Show your science and your non random events.

#12 Nov 1, 2017

Evolution doesn't use the terms LUCK and CHANCE, they use the more sophisticated tricky wording called random event. Random means undirected and by luck and chance... IT is a
theory of random lucky chances of random lucky so called out of the blue random beneficial mutations. Human brains did not evolve upwards via lucky mutations or by thinking that we
needed a better brain, better spinal cord, better nerve endings, better memory, better recognition etc etc... all by chance. Evolution and its luck and chance did not improve the human
brain. The human brain did not evolve from sturgeons, or tree shrews, or monkeys.

Prove your claims evolutionists and quite being so evasive. Focus, concentrate,..... connect up the laws that were created and the causes that were created, the cycles that were created
with some brains rather than declaring that it all just happened naturally by LUCK and CHANCE or via your random events over billion of years.

(Watch out for slippery slimy evolutionists as they always try to change the subject,,, as they just cant defend any of their claims.. None as in NONE. Human Brains evolved say
evolutionists, so prove it with your brains and then say your brains just happened by accident. Rather contradictory don't you think. Oh yea, you don't think)

#14 Nov 1, 2017

   Agreed, learning does not pass on via our DNA... My point proven and accepted and agreed upon. Nothing we learn in life is passed on to our next generation. We have the same
brains as our ancestors (The original couple ) But dumb evolutionists like yourself have to insist that our brains have been luckily developing eon by eon via magic POOF BOOM
modifications somehow, some way.

Lucky mutations via maybe radiation or explosions of the mind just seem to produce new and wondrous random events and brain structures within our heads, according to evolutionary
non thinking heads.

They cant connect up anything, as that is learning so according to evolutionists we just have to wait a few more billion years for our brains to get some knowledge, understanding and new
neuron connections and pathways....all by luck and chance.

So tell us more evolutionists, how does our brain evolve OR how did it evolve to this temporary stage we now have. Take your time and answer scientifically.



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