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#3 Apr 19, 2018

As mentioned the evolutionists and atheists HATE prophecy and hate the exactness of prophecy and HATE the FULFILLED PROPHECY in HISTORY, as they HATE to think that the
Creator has a DESIGN shown in HISTORY and a DESIGN in TIME and events for the FUTURE. Evolution in vague as they deal in eons and eras of billions and billions of years of
guesswork. So evolutionists SU. Besides this thread is not for you. You dont know math and cant count let alone multiply. You dont know history and the dates, and you cant figure out
anything because in your religion, nothing is connected to nothing..... because you have nothing in your heads.

This is for researchers and students and Christians..... and the honest ones.


Heres the start of the Last SEVEN YEARS


Note the year the Messiah had to die in... Note the exactness and fulfillment, only Jesus died then... Jesus is the Messiah...deal with it. His exact birthplace and 70 or so exact prophecies
fulfilled in His lifetime... Note the start of the LAST 7 years, is when the Covenant is signed by ten countries that is brought about by the next Mid East War... involving Syria, IRAN, Gaza
(the refugee camp)..etc.

#7 Apr 20, 2018

  And people like you, have been deluged by fulfilled prophecy since the BEGINNING and yet still refuse to do the math. They hate math, and hate fulfilled prophecy, so excuse
themselves, by saying true prophecy never has happenned. They are dumb, stupid and ignorant, which is why I call them DSIE's

Isiah 41
21 Produce your cause, saith the Lord; bring forth your strong reasons, saith the King of Jacob.
22 Let them bring them forth, and shew us what shall happen: let them shew the former things, what they be, that we may consider them, and know the latter end of them; or declare us
things for to come.
23 Shew the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are gods: yea, do good, or do evil, that we may be dismayed, and behold it together.
24 Behold, ye are of nothing, and your work of nought: an abomination is he that chooseth you


You dont know the future, but the Lord says a Mid East War will be followed by a Covenant agreement where exactly ten world powers sign it to stop the bloodshed. And you heathen
still will deny it... til your own demise. Your choice, your responsibility DSIE's

#8 Apr 20, 2018

Wackos are those that close their eyes, and without thinking and without doing the math, deny mathematical truths and even the Messiah, as they scibble down denials and grinbd their
teeth as a mob, against the Lord and against the Lords Prophecy. Because the future framework has been designed and is not determined by man's governments councils or decisions. The
heathen and DSIE's hate this because their religion says everything is by luck and chance and according to their luck and chance decisions.

DSIE's  ...  Evolutionsists are wackos because they are motivated by fear rather than logic and reason and truths

#9 Apr 20, 2018

   Lets summarize in one graphic time line, many or most of the prophecies in the prophetic BOOKS so its a clear precise exact time line til the End and the start of the NEW
BEGINNING\ Of course the wacko evolutionists who are dumb and stupid and hate math, and hate time frames below a billion years of their guessing math, will refuse to LOOK and
study and SEE. Nevertheless for the sake of true researchers,students, Christians and even atheists... lets give the HYPERLINK. For therein all the Chapters of Daniel all mesh together
cohesively and exactly, and that with the Book of Revelation as well. And the evolutionists howled, and groaned and gnashed their teeth even more.




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