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#1 Sunday May 27 2018

Evolutionists do not come out of the womb as evolutionists, they are the same babies as came out originally via the ORIGINAL COUPLE, 6,000 years ago. No difference, no new
organs or mutational differences have ever been noted or seen. Study and know


Evolutionists become evolutionists simply because they choose evolution as their religion, it does not go into their genetic makeup. Hence their children do not come out as
evolutionists, they come out as normal children. Parents that adopt the religion or so called science of evolution must teach or force their children to become evolutionists.

For again, the PRINCIPLE of SCIENCE is that nothing that happens in our lifetime goes into our DNA. Nothing that is learned or accepted goes into our DNA. Experiences or a
need in life does not make our DNA change or mutate. The environment in no way shape or form changes DNA. Our DNA remains the same. Even selecting different children via the
so called god of Natural Selection can not change our DNA. Why because no children are different... all children are the same, as they were created and designed from the
BEGINNING of CREATION. The design can not be changed by the environment or selection.

Just because a foolish person becomes an evolutionist or atheist or a parent, it doesnt effect the next generation.

EVOLUTIONISTS don't reproduce a new generation of evolved evolutionary children.

Evolution must be taught or forced upon the next generation...

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