David Jay Jordan
#1 Sunday Jul 15     

    When debating or when researching the weight of a soul biblically and scientifically, we have to go back to the moment of 'Conception'.

See and study

For that is a scientific point in time, in the holy of holies, WOMB of our divinely created female genders perfectly designed body, that the miraculous sperm of us,
males rotates the egg via sperm tails, seven times and then one sperm elevates away, and outward to turn and penetrate the egg cell... in the dance of love ritual....as it
penetrates the egg wall. For at that specific instance, when the two become one, when the sperm enters the egg, when reproduction starts, when there is obedience
by law to the 1st commandment of the Lord in the Garden of Eden..... it is THEN, that a surge of electricity shakes the whole egg ... and brings it together, and gives
it a new combined LIFE.

In other words, when a soul has been created.....

It wouldn' t have much weight THEN, because the baby has not made any decisions as yet. But it would have a distinct weight because E=mc2, no matter how small,
because Energy equals the electricity that can be scientifically deduced and seen via an electron microscope.

See and study

Its mass, is small but multiplied by light speed squared, it is present. Life goers on and starts, and conception is the timing of the electrical burst that shows we have a
soul.  #1 Sunday Jul 15 Maybe we better make this a NEW THREAD. I know I know evolutionists hate science, and hate measurements and research and truths...as
they don't go by these but by their theories that fascinate them and mesmerize them. Nevertheless it would inspire their souls to know they still have a soul, even if
they never got heavy due to their shallowness and foolishness in life and HERE.

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#7 Monday

Back to the conception and the electricity, which is Energy or E

E=mc2 so lets substitute mc2 into the egg, and physic-ally some very small mass must enter the egg.
It may be spinning at light peed squared as does an electron around a very small nucleus. And that pathway is circular from its square (as a squared circle in an atom).

See and study the
BREATH OF LIFE, that turns a square into a circle, by a BREATH OF THE LORD into a circle or sphere.... as its circumference of the previous
square (or cube of space in PHYSICS) is exactly EQUAL to a PHI circle expansion of one of its square sides.

#11 Monday

The SPARK of LIFE.... the electrical pulse, the soul entering the egg, the male entering the female, the Consummation, the CONCEPTION of NEW LIFE.  Whats it
called..... the
piezo-electric effect... the flash.

I never connected it up til NOW. Thats why we are told to write truths down and reread them later and later or again and again, in case we get new revelations and
new connections and further truths or confirmations... in gaining greater faith and confidence in the absolute beauty and intelligence of our Creator in creating us.

Its the flower of LIFE, its two triangles inside a circle that makes six points... or a hexagon. SEE again...
Star of David  Pressure on a triangle.... hows that for sexual
connotations on geometry. A pulsating triable from above or below, makes a gap as the space between varies, and yet must be connected, so a spark goes off, called
the piezo-electric effect. In sexual terms this might be called climax

Thats the spark, thats the electricity, the flash of electricity that engulfs the egg when the sperm and egg unite.... in the Holy of Holies in the Divine Womb of our
divine women.

For nothing is more Holy than this, and nothing more sacred than the start of a new human soul in a new human body.

TYJ (Thank You Jesus)

And the almost soul-less evolutionists gnashed their teeth more and more, and pretend they have no soul.

#12 Monday
The piezo-electric effect is in truth and by definition, a spiritual to physical law. Pressure, mechanical force can make a spiritual energy or light, IT is a process that
can go both ways.

A spiritual electrical force can cause a physical movement. This is how and why your computer can work, an electrical impulse can be turned into a physical
movement a blocked gate etc....
Computers work through the Lords design of crystals..... its apex being hexagonal. A mechanical force can create an electrical impulse, and vice versa

SEE Crystal Geometry graphics HERE  

Besides its the storing capacity of design of PHI Crystals that gives our computers memory. It isn't new technology but simply using the Lords Old, Basic, Principles

#14 Monday

Now that's love if you get in the SPIRIT, the Lords HOLY SPIRIT.

And its all about new life.
Conception 'SPARK' proves we have a SOUL
Prophecy Time Lines
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