Revelation is Easy
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David Jay Jordan
Figuring pout Revelation is not hard. Dont get it mixed up. It's easy.

Its all in chronological order... in time.

Go slow, and have your basic time line together and then all events can easily be put on a chronological flowing
timeline without any problems, overlaps or missing time frames. This means you can easily place events in the
specific times the Lord has ordained without any misconceptions or forced doctrines sneaking in.

It goers from SEVEN Churches to SEVEN Seals to SEVEN Trumpets to SEVEN Vials

They don't mix together. They are separate times for each..... the one follows the preceeding scenario

The starting POINT or START LINE is after the Lords Resurrection, when the apostles and disci[ples went out and
formed groups of Christians in different cities and towns. In other words, simply put the SEVEN Churches, is after
the Lords death and RESURRECTION.... in the time of 1st Century A.D. Thats when these literal churches were in
existence. Sure there are parallels etc... but just remember this is a past tense event, that we can draw principles and
wisdom from these brethren and churches of the past..

The SEVEN SEALS starts from this starting POINT, with Jesus riding the white HORSE onward

This is not complicated, but straight forward.. and again in chronological order.. as all the 'HORSES' are
riding....The FIFTH and SIXTH Seal might be a little mysterious, but thats only because they haven't happened as
yet. Nevertheless you must remember, the events follow one another as stated..

For the SEVENTH follows the SIXTH SEA:..etc etc..

And the SEVENTH SEAL, is the start of Tribulation. Again, this is not complicated, al;though readers and church
types, try top throw in pre-Tribulation Rapture etc... to throw you off. But stick to your timeline, as the SEVENTH
SEAL is the start of GREAT TRIBULATION.. A period of 42 months, 1260 days etc etc etc... not shorter not

Again, dont be confused by semantics, and labeling... the Last SEVEN YEARS start with the Convenant signing, and
in the middle of it..... starts the last HALF or 3.5 years called the GREAT TRIBULATION, rather than the first 3.5
years which is sometimes labeled just the 'Tribulation'.

Look LEFT, theres a simple timeline to follow... all in order.. SEALS then TRUMPETS then VIALS.

The end time events have been designed by the Lord to be a fitting climax, with each step getting worse and worse..
or for us BETTER and BETTER as we near the timing of the consummation when the Lord takes over control of the
whole EARTH.

OK, go back to your timeline, the SEVENTH SEAL is the start of the SEVEN TRUMPETS. And logically the
SEVENTH TRUMPET is the end of Great TRIBULATION and the start of the 'WRATH OF GOD'
Seal            Opening              Symbols

First            White horse            Bow, crown
Second        Red horse              Great sword
Third           Black horse            Scales
Fourth         Pale horse               Death
Fifth            Souls martyrs          White robes
Sixth           Great earthquake     Darkness
Seventh       Seven angels           Seven Bowls