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                                 Putin doesn't Look like the A.C.

In the light (or darkness) of President Putin replacing Boris Yeltsin  as the Russian President, it should be noted that by
his small stature, Putin  is obviously not the A.C. For even though short, chip on the shoulder, inferiority complex types
tend to make good tyrants like Napoleon and Hitler, the A.C. is characterized as a Beast, and consequently must appear
to be like a Russian Bear, rather than a spy who comes out of the cold.

Scripturally Putin doesn't have a 'LOOK that is more stout  than his fellows' as mentioned by Daniel the prophet in
7:20. Putin is just the opposite as he doesn't have strong features and will consequently have to try to bolster his lack of
physical presence with tough words. Nevertheless he just hasn't been divinely endowed by heaven or hell, to have a
'fierce countenance" as described as one of the predominant features of the Anti-Christ in Daniel 8:23. And similarly it
would be almost impossible to imagine his face put on the worldwide interactive computer, the abomination  of
desolation of portraying the 'Image of the Beast' Putin just doesn't have the LOOKS of the A.C. (SEE
Desrcitpion of
A.C. Face)

Putin is not the man, he is not the A.C.  or the eventual 'King of the North' that will conquer the whole world.  For as
previously mentioned, the PEACE COVENANT is not made by the
Anti-Christ but he conspires against it (Daniel 11).
And he comes to Russian political power AFTER the ten countries have signed the Daniel 9, religious and political
peace covenant. This is confirmed not just by 2 Esdras 11, but also by Daniel's writings when an angel told him 'And the
ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise and ANOTHER shall rise AFTER them and he shall be
diverse from the first and he shall subdue three kings (U.S. and two other nuclear powers?) (Daniel 7:24)

But even though, he shall think to wear us out the 'saints of the most HIGH, and almost does totally decimate us
........Yet the JUDGMENT shall sit and they (Jesus and His Bride, his chosen ones that have chosen HIM) shall take
away his dominion, to consume and destroy until the end '(Daniel 7:25,26)

Putin will be replaced by the real Anti-Christ who will arise after Putin and will take over Mother Russia and will take
over the world for the Devil. (SEE
Russian Prophecies about A.C.)

But we defeat Him at the final battle of Armegeddon behind our leader, the King of Kings and Lord of Lord's ... Jesus

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