Its been a long wait for the Covenant to be signed, as I would have hoped it would have happened by
now (October 2019), so I or we can get more specific in the countdown til the NUCLEAR WAR, the
GREAT TRIBULATION, our FLEEING to Petra, and eventually the RAPTURE. But as mentioned we
have to wait for the SIGNING by TEN COUNTRIES and then the START of the DAILY our anchor or starting timing of prophetic events determined by getting these two
events correct.

   The Mid East War seems to have all the ingredients to expand into more than minor skirmishes, so
thats its escalation would mean a world consensus and agreement to stop the hostilities before they
become a WW. (Syria, Iran. Hormuz, Goland Heights ..Gaza)... This would necessitate the 'Covenant
of Daniel'

   Afterwards we can calculate the 2300 Days of Daniel more accurately with Holy Day Co-relations,
most likely with Sukkot. Yet surely all have to synchronize with the Day of Atonement and the Hebrew
New Year. Ive got very close IMO... but the counting via the end and start and whether the whole year
is counted seems to make a difference, plus or minus a year. We shall see, but it has to be exact as the
Lord is exact.

   Besides at these early stages, it doesnt help us. Theres no glory or credit or benefit in knowing
exactly right now, as long as we are close and getting closer and more exact. Because the time will
come when we will have to know the exact timing and act accordingly because of its soon arrival.

   Prophecy isn't a game or contest, but a serious search to find out what the Lord will be doing and
when, so we can further serve HIM and others.



Whats our purpose in the End Time