End Time Prophecy Posts written in 2020
David Jay Jordan
           Written in the Fall of 2020

Who can Fight the Beast ?
Is the Vaccine, the Mark of the Beast ?
Mark of the Beast Persecution, is When ?
Don't blame God
Famine, the next Prophetic Event

All Seeing Eye
   Masonic Connection
Bruised Black Eyes of Elites
Evil Eye Curse of Jealousy and Covetness
Evil Eye and Fascimus
Adenochrome and torturing of innocents

Witches, Curses and Fear
Ham's Curse and Religious Drinking
Cure for Racism

Anti-Christs 'No Desire for Women'
Bible Prophecy and September 11, & 21
Prophecy Design. 9/21/ Surkov Birthday
    August 10th
Orion ' Coming Branch' Astronomy Truths
A.C.'s (Surkov) Personality
Original Surkov Letter
Anti-Christs Speech
Either Jesus knew Prophecy or He didn't
Messianic Bruising of Snake Head
Jesus and 144,000 defeat Illuminati