All matter is vibration, and all matter has a resonant frequency. And all matter was created by the sound of the Lord's voice calling it into existence,
so that it has a signature frequency in harmony with the rest of creation. So allow me to postulate that prime number frequencies just might be
involved in a possible propulsion system that is consistent with a harmonic world, so that it gathers speed as it goes through the numbered system
of the Lord that unites all creation. Hence meaning every creation, all matter has been counted, and had their resonant frequency rung, so that it stays
in tune with its origins and place. Lets say that to gain momentum and speed, every note or every prime number vibration has to be struck in order.
Or let's say we would have to go or 'count' from 1 upward to start the motion and get it going. In this way, every possible harmonic would have its
resonant frequency sounded all the way up the chain, so all created matter would be in harmony with our propulsion frequencies, til we reach light
speed and beyond. Why because again, the Lord used his sounds, via his words, to create every thing that exists. This meaning the addition of every
letter value of the spelling of created matter would have a resonant frequency related directly to the addition of all its letters in its name. This being
called geomatria or the "Word" Its a possibility.

If we start with the first prime or 2 hertz, then thereafter because every doubling etc of 2 hertz would be harmonic with the next above chord of 4
hertz, 6, hertz, 8 hertz, 10 hertz, 12 hertz, 14 hertz, 16, ... then those freqiuencies would not have to be counted in our progression upward as the 2
hertz note would resonate up through them and make them already harmonic, as we speed up our accelerator.

3 hertz, being struck would mean, 6 hertz, 9 hertz, and any multiple of 3 would not have to be struck, so our train of propulsion could also NOT
have to stop to harmonize with them. Why because only PRIME numbers, virgin numbers, non divisable numbers need to be rung.

Consequently do stop and study 'Dutch's article on Prime Number Patterns, and then consider what he said about them, using a train analogy.


16 *Imagine a train moving along a train track and passing known and predetermined stops along the way. At each stop, a new frequency is engaged
to cover all non-prime numbers on the strip up to the next stop, and ahead of the train. As the distances between stops increase continually, the
train can speed up since there are fewer stops and frequencies required.
*Again, distance and speed increases, but the frequency numbers decrease!
*In other words: placing progressively longer sections of track, ahead of a faster and faster moving train! 21. *Put another way, Prime numbers are
the musical notes, and the non-prime numbers describe their vibrational wave patterns, in a very exact and predictable manner. (To know the note,
you must first hear the sound!)
 (End of quotes from Dutch)

In other words, prime numbers get further and further apart in a very patterned and sysematic way, which if understood can help, the train engineer,
know what exact frequencies to hit down the line. So all the numbers will have been hit, in order, as the train's velocity increases to the point of light
speed and beyond, into timelessness.

Primes being .....2,3,5,7,9,11,13,17,19,23,29,31, and then ....37.

37 hertz being the
Fine Structure Constant of atomic design, and its octave of 111 hertz being the Gateway Frequency of our brain, and sonic
leviatation, etc... of the F sharp note. With this note struck, it might mean they reach warp speed or breakthrough speed, as the train steams toward
light speed, and all the time being harmonic with all of creation. So rather than sreeching and howling and exploding through barriers and air, the
frequency propulsion could be silent and without noise, and maybe just humming like a UFO in flight. And like a UFO in flight, start up slowly and
then zoom away within seconds at supersonic speed, doing manuveurs impossible to normal aircraft. For rather than fighting air, and friction and
fighting creation, it might be harmonic with it, and using prime number propulsion to make sure it properly counts through all of creation and every
resonant frequency.

Just a far out opinion, that might have some validity


PS) Also it is postulated that these craft are quided by brain waves and the minds of those controlling them, so why again would not the crossing
frequency of 111 Hertz be involved as it joins the two cortexes together. The dark side using LIGHT SIDE technology, destined for us and not them.
Prime Number Frequency Propulsion
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