It has been shown that the distance between the earth and the Sun makes the Tabernacle of the SUN/SON and is directly related
to the golden section or PHI, as all the Lords temples are golden section designed. We also postualted that light speed is a set
speed also related to the A.U. or astronomical distance between the earth and Sun, as it takes 500 seconds to reach the earth. So
NOW the mystery is connect up graphically and simply or mathematically how a factor of 33 does this.

WE know that a phi geometry is the shape of a quartz crystal SEE
We know that 33 hertz is the hertz inside this type of crystal SEE Absiolute 33
We know that 33 times 3.3333 gets to the Gateway frequency 111 hertz SEE

If you know why, the vibration would have to be multiplied by A.U. number to get PHI, do let us know..... it must be important.



Earth resonance comes from lightning hitting the earth and traveling around the disgned exact circumference of the earth so that it
does this 7.83 times per second. if you take the Earth and make it a phi pyramid, this means that in 3 revolutions, it magnifies
that 7.83 frequency into 33 hertz, which is surely why Joe, multiplied by 33.

33 was stambled upon by Joe, but it has to have a significance, and this is it. Circular light, or light traveling around a sphere like
the Earth is in essense the circular pathway of light traveling in a circle.

See Absolute 33, Jacobs ladder, and sex, and hence this is why crystals have a Christ resonance of 33 hertz, the Christ Frequency.

A.U. times 33 = PHI x 10 to the 13th

4.9 / 10squared x 33 = PHI

.049 x 33 = 1.618

Now consider that with the Great NUMBER 72
x 11 equaling 7920 circumference that light speed must tranverse in its circular orbit around this sacred distance, the ratio always
used by the golden section at NJ, Giza etc... then it by design yields 33hertz as a resonant frequency for that physical body or
etheric body as in the Tabernacle of the SUN.

The physical body having a height of 500 feet, the etheral one having a height of 500 seconds.

Therefore this AU is the only possible distance bwteen the apex and the base, or the Sun and the earth.

And as such has to be a sacred measure in all the Universe !!!

As above, so below..or as below on earth so in the heavenlies

The Earth giving the Christ harmonic of 33 hertz, by His lightning and cicular light around His EARTH, spiralling upweard to his
David Jay Jordan
Phi, 33 and A.U. Mystery
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