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Our Souls are Our Decisions

We use the word 'souls' in Christianity but what does it really mean. What makes up a
soul? Well in my opinion, from what I have read and experienced, to me it seems that
our souls are composed of All our decisions in life.

Our souls aren't what we look like externally, or how much money or power we had
here on Earth, but what we did with our lives. It's what we did with the cards we were
dealt, not what we had but what we did with the individual specific conditions of our
lives, whether rich or poor, male or female, bright or not-so bright, new age or old-age.
All the conditions around our choices would be recorded and taken into account.

We would be our decisions in life and our souls would be us. Why, because our souls
must be a summation of all the choices we had through our lives that changed us
spiritually one way or another. Everything we did to others that effected them and
softened or hardened our hearts to others and the Lord. For isn't this why our souls can
be judged by the Lord. He will know instantly what we choose and why. None of our
motivations will be secret any longer. It will all be revealed. Our spirits will be totally
naked, and there will be no cover-ups.

When we lived won't be a factor, what nationality we are won't matter, what sex we
were won't be a factor, how intelligent we were won't be a determining factor. No one
will be able to complain about getting a 'raw deal' for our souls and decisions in this live
will be visible to all. No one will be able to say the Lord judged unfairly or that they got a
raw deal. The Judgment will be totally righteous and totally unbiased and totally fair.

So what does this all mean. It means we have no excuses and will have no excuse, and
we better check our hearts with every decision we make in this life. And we better 'do
unto others as we literally would have them do unto us" We better ' do unto the least of
the Lord's brethren' what we would do to the greatest. In other words we better honestly
look at our souls and change them for the better while we can.

For our SOULS are surely the decisions we make in this life.

Don't you agree?