David Jay Jordan
     If there is anything we need to know about in the End Time, its when the Nuclear War happens. Forget the Rapture, thats is the
LAST Event and is at least four years after the Nuclear War. So to be a part of the great victorious march to the End via the Lords Plan,
we must first
Survive the Nuclear War that comes before the Great Tribulation.

  Consequently, allow me to give you my present research, leadings, and possible proofs according to prophecy scriptures, as of
September 2018. This even before the Last Seven Years has started and the Mid East War broken out.

  Lets assume, the much expected War breaks out somewhere around October 2nd. If this is the start of the Last Seven Years...then
adding exactly SEVEN YEARS or 2555 days,makes the last day on Oct 2, 2027. This being the Day of Atonement in 2027,where all the
other time frames of Daniel seem to end up, to give us exactness.... and somehow someway the Lords prophetic time lines have to come
out exactly...and be fulfilled exactly to the 'day'

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Biblical Design of Petra, Sinai. etc.
Mathew 24  (Last Generation)
120 Days till Harvest
120 Days  Barley, Wheat and Grapes Graphics

  Thus fulfilling the last verse of Daniel 9, 27  27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the
week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even
until the CONSUMMATION, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

SEE  Time Line of Daniel

  Therefore our time line above starts and ends on October 2nd, from 2018 to 2025.  Jesus said... As the Days of Noah were, so shall
also the (2nd)  Coming of the Son of Man be ... Mathew 24 : 37

  The world wide flood came five years after Noah started to build the ARK. (
Jasher 5 : 35) in preparation for the coming Flood of
water. We have to prepare for the flood of fire and war (Called the Battle of Armageddon) that sweeps away all the evil men on Earth,
and establishes the Rule of the Lord of Lords for His Millennium. Hence we subtract five years from end point or two years added to the
starting point.... and consider that the NUCLEAR WAR, starts after the Mid East War, and after the
Signing of the Covenant, and after
the Daily Sacrifice has started (outside the 3rd Temple).  

For the
A.C. (Surtkov) ... becomes the Russian President after Putin's demise or departure, and then forecasts his devices against the
strongholds...... the opposing three nuclear nations of the US, Britan, and France.

Daniel 11 : 24    He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not
done, nor his fathers' fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against
the strong holds, even for a

  But rather than thinking a time is an inexact time frame, lets assume it is the time frame that Daniel consistently uses .... ONE YEAR..   
This seen many places as time, times, and half a time means 3.5 years, 42 months or half of SEVEN YEARS. Meaning that the Nuclear
War that destroys the three toes, three kingdoms of Daniel 2  etc... would occur at or about 3 Years after the start of the Last Seven
Years.  And maybe even at 9/23 as another brother has suggested at
https//www.youtube.com/watch/?v=7BWTZJiAD40 of Year 2021

  Why because again, all major prophetic events will be following the HOLY DAY CO-RELATION that the Lord set up originally in His
Design... As prophecy is the design of time, and prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. Therefore it seems possible and probable, that a
huge nuclear war would take a few months to disintegrate world wide, before the AC ground forces could assemble and march down
and southward to worldly Israel and the AC prize of Jerusalem ..... and His headquarters in the 3rd Temple. The AC does not need to
occupy, his defeated foes as the nuclear war, and the chaos afterward would do the job for him.

  This in the middle of the last SEVEN YEARS, 3.5 years after the start of the conflicts, in Oct 2nd 2020.

  We shall see, and be able to watch the other sign posts, for more confirmations or changes according to what the Lord shows us as
He does know the TIMING...... and we will have to know the TIMING to prevent getting caught up in a NUCLEAR WAR. Why,
because we have things to do, places to go, and battles to fight before we go.

Onward Christian Soldiers....
fighting spiritually. for the weapons of our warfare are spiritual rather than physical

Jesus til the End


How to Survive a Nuclear War
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Rosh Hasanah
Battle of
September 23 2015

Day of Atonement
Oct. 2, 2025
10 Days later