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                                             My Eight Foot Fall

I always like to remember a few of the judgments of God upon myself to keep me humble
and down to Earth. So allow me to tell you of the time last year, when I decided to clear
the gutters on our two-story house. Leaves had gotten into them and they were clogged. So
when our crew of teenagers was at school and Joy was off to work and I decided to be a
hero, and have a 'product of progress' that day. I got an old ladder and when on our
balcony and upon the roof. I successfully cleaned out the drains and then attempted to
climb down from the roof.

The only problem was that my ladder wasn't that sturdy. I couldn't see it and nudged it off
its legs as I put my weight on it. It fell over and I could feel myself falling. I looked behind
me seeing the balcony railing coming up at me. And I thought, I was going to go all the
way down and over the balcony and that would be the end of me. Thankfully I glanced off
the railing and down onto the balcony floor. I was hurt and in great pain, a moaning and a
groaning. I was bruised pretty good. And I made such a noise, my neighbor came over to
see what had happened.

I asked him to come in and upstairs and please, please help me to the couch. He helped
pick me up and placed me gently on the living room sofa. But I didn't think I needed an
ambulance. (I hate hospitals) I figured I was just bruised and battered and my great pain
would go away eventually. For…. Oh how the Lord knows I hate pain. So there I was
almost all afternoon with my thoughts and my groans. I went over the whole scenario over
and over again.

It wasn't any great sin on my part. And I figured out I hadn't abused anyone or cheated on
my income tax too much, it was just the Lord reminding me how fragile life is and how
weak our bodies are without His Protection. Of course, I should have had a helper and
somebody there with me. And shouldn't have gone up there alone, blah blah blah, but even
beyond that I still remember exactly how gravity was taking me down and bruising my
very existence, and I only fell about eight feet. What would have happened if it had been
18 feet. My poor body just wouldn't have made it
So there be one of my many Divinity lessons into the frailty of the human body. It’s
divinely created and a total miracle, but without its Creator it’s mere flesh and bone. I
mean I believe we can do amazing things with it and I believe in moving mountains by
faith, but it is all the Lord's power, and NOT our own. Why because I certainly am not
divine because I can't handle more than a fall of a couple of feet.
This I can testify to as true. It's all by the Grace of God.

Love In Jesus

David Jay Jordan