David Jay Jordan's                                                                                             About the Author

                            My Back and my Pride

After leaving Christian service, I returned to Canada, and got a job as a fishing guide in the
mountains of British Columbia. I used to love fishing but soon found out I no longer had the
desire to catch those kinds of fish anymore. Nothing felt the same, the woods, the lakes, the
smells, the excitement and adventure. So I quite my job and went to the Pacific Ocean to try
and rearrange my priorities and get my life back together. And it was there in the surf at
sundown, that I pulled out a drown man (See Fishing dead Men testimony), and then quickly
drove to Vancouver, Canada to rejoin Christian Service
They soon sent me to a training farm, to ground me in the Lord’s words.. We had
several Bible classes a day as well as normal maintenance work in keeping up the school. It
was then that someone got the bright idea, that we should all start the day with exercise
classes to get us in shape..

Yea, right, don't they know I was a world-class athlete (says I) silently in my little mind. (See
Basketball for Jesus Testimony) Oh well, I can play this silly game. I won't say anything, but
this is so easy and they are so out of shape.. Jumping jacks ...how basic... I could do a
hundred of them in a minute. Sit-ups how ridiculous anyone can do these, I'll show them ....

Ouch, wham, extreme pain, as I pulled my back muscles instantly when my PRIDE was at its
full. Boom, I was unceremoniously judged by the LORD and I knew it without question. I
writhed in pain and agony on the school room floor…..I was totally humbled as all had to
stop the class and minister to my severely pulled back muscles. It was definitely no laughing
matter as they carried me to bed where I stayed all day in excruciating pain.

Yet within a few days, I was able to stand up and using a couple of belts to secure a pillow
on my back to help me in walk again.. I looked like hell and was totally abased in humility.
WHY, because I deserved it and the Lord knew it and all the brethren realized it after I told
them why I had been judged.

Yet Thank God I did get better and started to walk a little more humbly with my God, and
have a little more Fear of God NOT just in my actions but in my thoughts. For it is there
that all pride starts up, so THANK the LORD, He judged me early and has continued to
judge me whenever I think I am great in the flesh.

Great athlete right ?? It's all by the Grace of God , so we better walk in the FEAR of GOD
or his mighty hand might fall not-so-gently on us and guide us into better behavior, as only a
loving Father knows how..

In His sometimes Painful Service (Oh my aching back)