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Having watched a T.V. program on the newest sexual discoveries for helping older people stay healthy, it started
talking about a sceintific discovery that happenned accidentally.  A dermatologist (skin researcher) was
experimenting with a tanning agent called Melaton, and decided to take it himself to see the effects. To make a
long story short or try to, he couldn't get rid of his instant erection for about eight hours even after applying ice.

And intuitively, he knew he had something of worth, (Dahhhh ... Some scientists are a little slow in the real world,
but this one was rather practical) For sexually, all sex starts with the brain, goes to the body, and then ends up back
in the brain.  and rather than taking a half hour or so, with Viagra, which is merely a blood flow drug, his drug of
Melaton took effect instantly.

So what has this to do with anything, well melatonin is the naturally released drug or hormone that causes tanning
which is that natural attractive glow that a lot of us want, and this melatonin, or tanning is the way our bodies help
block out harmful radiation from the sun. It is secreted from the Pineal gland, that mysterious gland at our third
eye level , or as it  was called  biblically 'our plane of reflection'. This is said to be the level of our soul and decision
making just above our eyebrows in the center of our brains. (SEE
Our Souls are our Decisions)

For with this hormone comes the added side-effects of less appetite for food and more appetite for the other
delecacies of life and love, which means weight lose because of the increased sexual activity and the burning of
calories as well as the loss from less consumption of calories. Whewee, making it an almost wonder drug or wonder
hormone or as this doctor has called it the All-American drug, .... Ha or better yet a Super Man drug

And does this sexual activity have any corelation with longer life or eternal sexuality...Hmmm well on page 144 of
the book I am reading called 'In search of Noah's Ark, it states that the pineal gland when removed causes death
because of lack of cell renewal, and in conjunction with the supposed non-functioning thalmus and parathyroids, it
seems they work together in limiting or life-spans.

"The functioning changes in these three glands are most likely the major reason for our life span's reduction (from
pre-Flood life spans up to 700 years) to about 70 years. Thekey to life spans like those mentioned in the Bible is
within these glands. The expansion of our longevity is controlled by these glands....Dr. Liedmann"

Surely you jest, David, some should be saying, ...... but sorry when you also co-relate this to the dark-sides
hormonal intakes and their nefarious means of obtaining pineal secretions, there may be more to this than just
loose wording and just wild experimentation.

For its true that the "Elixir of Life' and the 'Tree of Life' only can be obtained at the Throne of the Lord,
nevertheless it may be easy to see why it involves hormones, sexuality, and creativity, and thus longevity. Maybe
Sex is one of the keys to Eternal Life ....

Hmmm.... Interesting in my opinion

David Jay Jordan

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