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    The following three posts of mine are from  http://www.topix.com/forum/news/evolution/TON3813SJKACT4FGM/mathew-24-parameters-and-fulfillments-timeline A
thread of mine on the discussion board of Topix called the .. EVOLUTION DEBATE.  So to understand why I refer to the evolutionists, atheists, agnostics, in such a straight
forward manner..... read their inability to debate anything, yet come up with multiple excuses why Jesus and His disciples were mislead bout the timing of HIS SECOND
COMING ...and the LAST GENERATION. Hence I wrote the following for thier sake and to them and anyone that might be believing these excuses, for their are none.

                                                                                  Jesus explaining Mathew 24

    If there is anything agnostics, atheists, and evolutionists hate it is prophecy. They hate to think that there is a PLAN and a PURPOSE in LIFE. They hate the idea that TIME
was DESIGNED, as was everything else. They hate that prophecy has been fulfilled, and all Messianic prophecy has been fulfilled by Jesus. They hate to consider that future
prophecy shall be fulfilled. They gnash their teeth and evade this, and then try to say Jesus himself was confused or mislead in what He said to His disciples. This is their ploy
and excuse. So lets, go over Mathew 24, as these doubters, complainers, and one line deniers, try to ruin other specific exact threads that evolutionists and deniers are losing
with their shallow stupid, and I can say 'ignorant' because their words and doubts are based on ignorance rather than intelligent searching and studying. The evolutionists just
aren't used to studying, and are absolutely petrified and afraid of going deep. They prefer shallow bantering and name calling as their modus operandi.

But JESUS demands DEPTH and EFFORT. First study what Jesus and His prophets said about PROPHECY


Notice, that Jesus said blinded scoffers would scoff, making even those HERE a type of fulfillment of prophecy itself. They even suggesting that Jesus did not by His exact
birth and timing and place and parentage and life, fulfill ALL ninety or so Messianic Prophecies


Even the time of HIS Death was prophesied exactly by Daniel


And the heathen gnash their teeth some more as they hate exact math and exact timing.... and that shows design, intelligence, control and POWER. For Yes, as we start Mathew
24 and the so called confusion of the atheists concerning the Last Generation... and even the confusion of cop out Christians concerning the 2nd Coming


We do note that in Mathew 24, Jesus distinctly states that Daniel is prophetic, and is a PROPHET  
Mathew 24:15 When ye therefore shall see the Abomination of
Desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place,-whoso readeth, let him understand:-

Read it again, as you have to know Daniel words to know when the Last Generation starts and finishes, as Daniel wrote 12 chapters, a few are history but 8 are future exact
prophesy, all fulfilled in part except the LAST GENERATION or LAST SEVEN YEARS as described in Daniel 9 and repeated this time frame over and over and over again in
Revelation, etc etc

SEE and study the overlapping exactness in ... my IN THE DAYS OF NOAH THREAD...right here on atheistic evolutionary TOPIX. Therein I go over how Daniel, John in
Revelation, Ezekiel, Moses, and Noah's timelines are synergetic and mesh exactly.


So study the ABOMINATION of Desolation, and cross reference with current events to realise that commuters are voice sensitive now, and micro chips can be placed in us for
communication, identification, economic reasons and as a survelliance marker.

Read and study


Because when the computer is set up...WHERE in the holy of holies in Jerusalem when the 3rd Temple is built.Third Temple has not been built so study if it is ready to be built
and what it takes before they can start building on the Temple Mount. Study darn ya's STUDY.. quite complaining and do some research. More trouble is coming over the
Temple Mount and other excuses, so that the COVENANT of Daniel can be signed so that the Jews can have their 3rd Temple.

Wait for the Covenant BEFORE the LAST SEVEN YEARS STARTS.


So expect a more violent and encompassing next Mid East War that almost turns into a World War. Don't be caught off guard, but it is not the end... for as Jesus said ALL
these things are just the beginning. ALL of these things, I repeat ALL of these things have to transpire before His SECOND COMING comes. Its no an instant boom bang, Hes
in the clouds and we all get raptured so as to keep us from pain and suffering..NO

Prophecy is designed time and events, that MUST occur in order, in chronological order, that can not be deviated from...it is set in stone. So called praying for your country,
president, UN, and stronger dollar, more right wing or left wing politics, through so called democratic processes isn't going to change prophecy....

Daniel 2 and the clay feet of democracy.. http://www.davidjayjordan.com/Daniel2.html

Ok, so when the Abomination computer is set up, and the heathen and evolutionists are getting their MARK of the Beast, we are to flee Jerusalem (for Petra) and that period of
time is 1260 days (Revelation 12). That period of time will not be shortened or changed, again it is set and exact. For Mathew 24;31 says THEN and only THEN shall they see
Jesus in the clouds and THEN and only THEN shall He come for us..... be patient heathen and evolutionists you shall see it, and THEN believe it, as now you are blinded by your
egos and wrath and mis-education, excuses and hard hearts.

But still you will not relent and call on the Lord, your Creator.... for as in the days of Noah so also shall be the timing of His SECOND COMING, and as they were unaware, so
shall this last generation be unaware because of their chosen blindness in not wanting to see... or understand.



For as Jesus said...This generation shall not pass away until ALL these things be fulfilled...on time and in order and exactly as described by all His prophets cohesively and
exactly. You cant pick one or two supposed time fulfillments, and say prophecy failed. Prophecy never failed and never will fail, as it is the WORD OF GOD.
Mis-interpretations and mis-understandings do not negate PROPHECY. If you want an excuse, pick an excuse of your choice, but that does not negate Daniel and John, Ezekiel,
2nd Esdras, Moses, Noah, and all the prophets of the LORD GOD.

But all these prophets..... wrote down what the Lord said so we would not be in darkness as with you heathen, atheists, and evolutionists.
I Thessalonians 5 ... WE can know,
and so agnostics are convicted by their ignorance as well, because it can be known. WE do know the hour and day.... if we count right and live long enough to survive and fight
on for the Lord.


The Lords 2nd Coming is exactly 3.5 days after the death of our Two WITNESSES or PROPHETS on the steps of the third Temple on the Temple Mount in the AC's world

Revelation 11 .. So don't tell me we don't know the exact timing before hand.... it may take us a while to get it right and be a miracle if we last long enough to see the Lord
COMING, but it happens exactly 84 hours, or three and a half days after our TWO PROPHETS die at the evil hands of the ANTI-CHRIST. And yet they rise as we all do that
love the Lord, after 3.5 days..

Onward Christian Soldiers, because we have much ignorance to fight against and much work to do before hand and afterwards.


Read the full debate HERE...... and join in...