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Three Kings Davids
   King David

Teacher of Righteousness is End Time King David

End Time Leaders Births and Deaths

Is Faithy, One of the 2 Witnesses ?
  The Following Articles... are mainly for COG, FOL, FI
members and exmembers... as a LINK from their past to the
present and onward to the future. You lost Moses David and
he is no more, so you should be looking for the End Time
King David, that fulfills all the prophecies as told by the other
prophets of the past.

   Onward Christian Soldiers
Characteristics of King David
King David Coronation
There will be Two Prophet 'Witnesses'
Fire-Breathing Prophets
Lion of the Tribe of Judah
Numbers of our Prophets
Ruddy Manly End Time David
Sure Mercies of King David
High Priest Eloiakim