David Jay Jordan's

                         The Bible, Science and Invisibility

Becoming invisible has been documented to have happenned both to those who experienced it unintentionally
and those who were trying to become invisible ….. and it isn't as mysterious as you might think. For when if
you go to this website oninvisibility

At  ... (http://users!ee.net/pmason/invisibility.html .....  it states that  ""spiritual essence gathers into very
minute focal points of electrical charge (due to certain conditions), we have the creation of electrons. Science
reports that such a cloud of free electrons will absorb all light entering it; it will not reflect nor refract light
waves, nor are light waves able to pass through a human being. Consequently the observer's eye sees nothing
there and the person surrounded by such a cloud is invisible. Since light is necessary for human sight, when
there are no reflected or refracted light waves bouncing off a person and hitting the observer's retina, the
person is not able to be seen and is not visible under normal circumstances.""

Hmmmmm......   dubious science to say the least, but wait a minute there is such a thing as free electrons (See
Free Energy postings and Wilhelm Reich Research) and yes, there are innumerable verified reports of people
who have become invisible unintentionally.

 So there must be something to this phenomena, for did not even Einstein work on the 'Philadelphia
Experiment' to make a U.S. destroyer invisible. And didn't they accomplish this feat by making the light
waves go around the ship, so that it was undetectable. So force fields have everything to do with becoming
invisible. Besides as those of us that are spiritual know, the angels and spirit beings like ghosts are in the
lectromagnetic field that is usually not visible to us. Why, because as mentioned many times before the
Electromagnetic Field covers 70 octaves in range and only one of those octaves is visible to us. The other 69
are not. So invisibility is not that great a deal. We use it everyday when turning on our radios, T.V.s and other
electronic equipment and we know its real cause it works.

O.K. so this is part of the science background, we need to realize in seeing that becoming invisible is a
possibility. For the key to doing it must be therefore in creating these 'free electron clouds around us. But
why should we want to become invisible, for what purpose would a Christian want to make themselves
invisible ? Where in the Bible, did the Lord's people become invisible?

Didn't the Lord's apostles walk right by the jail keepers. Were these wardens always asleep or did they just
not see. And haven't we in our present missionary work, sometimes walked right through entrance gates
refused supposedly just for others, because the bouncers didn't see us? For seeing they see not and hearing
they hear not, just as testified to by the people who unitintentionally went into an invisibility Realm.

And if we will be following our brethren of the past to jail and into gatherings to witness for the Lord, is it not
therefore possible that we might also prayer our way into invisibility. I mean,  the evil sharmas and witches
are known to be able to do it through focus and meditation, so how much more us that can focus and meditate
on the Lord. Why, because mediation just means prayer and who can pray to a stronger God than we. How
many more free electrons could we discharge in His POWER, than they, and we do it if it wasfor the Lord's

I for one, am convinced that …..John 1:12 But as many as received him, to them gave He power to become
the sons of God, even to them that believe on his Name: means a lot more than most of us realize. (See
Becoming 'gods' takes time) Receiving the Lord is just the first step, and we have so many more steps the
Lord wants us to walk to become the sons of God. Besides the sons of God, is not just a mere mortal term but
a reference to pretty powerful beings, for how else are we going to do miracles in the Lord's POWER in the
End-Time unless we learn how to harass His Power. How are we going to do the 'great and mighty things' that
Daniel prophesied about.

And why in heaven's Name are the heathen, the goyum, the wicked, and evil ones, more inclined and brave to
venture into the Lord's invisible spirit world and even into invisibility than us. Why are we so dam timid and
fearful and weak hearted in laying back.

Don't we know we are going to have to progress if we are going to survive the days ahead. We may need
invisibility to escape jail, to counter our enemies moves against us and for a variety of other reasons during the
Tribulation. For our weapons and defenses are not carnal but spiritual.So rather than always expecting the
Lord to do everything for us as we sit back and do nothing, maybe He expects us to take the first steps and
study and understand what others already know and go beyond them with the true knowledge of the Lord.

In His Visible Service ... Right Now


PS) But who knows in the future.
Last changed: June 19, 2001