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#1 May 9, 2018

   Dumb stupid ignorant evolutionists who say they are scientists say they have to see it to believe it, even though they are afraid to test and prove the spirit world themselves. For they are
whimps and whoosies. Yet science definitely concerns invisability as probable and possible because the EMF has 72 octaves and our eye sight range only picks up one octave. This
meaning we miss 71/72 percent of the EMF field. Hence just because we don't see something does not mean it isn;t there.

So when an complaining whiny little evolutionists said there are no spiritual creatures.... I can only laugh because again evolutionists are so blinded by the HERE and NOW and their short
range seeing, that they miss the evidence of the unseen.... and miss over 98 percent of what is happening in the real world. Atoms exist and are prove-able, even though we can;t exactly
see them. Christ is real even though usually we dont see HIM. Invisability is not the ultimate discerner. Many have seen HIM, and many have seen angels, and even more demons, and
other spiritual creatures, as around the throne of God.

Ha, even Balimms ass saw in the spirit once..... and wasn't about to carry Balimm one more step...

If you dead to unseen world evolutionists .... open up your eyes or fight against the dark side or fight for the LIGHT SIDE, you would see a whole lot more than your darkened denials
after darkened ignorant denials. Invisability means whats before you or around you, may be more than you can handle. Get on the LIGHT SIDE, and you will see.

Elijah told his friend to open up his eyes before they went to battle as there was a greater army for them than was against them....

And so it goes.. there is a spirit and spirits and the HOLY SPIRIT. Deal with it as scientists, or as
adults but not as fools with your foolish talk and blindness.

#2 May 10, 2018

So real scientists study the invisable world, and deduce from experiments and testing whether there are LAWS that dictate what they can not see. They study FORCES, and applied
physics, and mathematics. They do not gnash their teeth in frustration just because something or a force is invisable. They search and test and experiment until they find a mathematical
solution that applies and is testable and repeatable.

Or they take infrared frequency photographs, or Kierlandian photography or take images in the rest of the EMF, that is invisable to the naked eye and see what we cant see.

Or if in the military they see if they can bend light so they can make their battleships disappear, even if it kills and maims the sailors on these ships...as with the Philadelphia experiment.
Even though the motivation as always with the military is power and the destruction of others rather than brotherly love.

Just because something is invisable does not mean it is not real and not there.

Now you're getting an education that blind ignorant non scientists called evolutionists deny deny deny. They hate the visable and the invisable. They hate all of reality, and go into a dream
state of their own making, where only LUCK and CHANCE exist.

#4 Sunday May 20

Hence ghosts, spirits, demons etc... can be present even when people deny they exist...just because they are invisable to them..


As already proven ... science proves that what is invisable to the naked eye, does not dictate that something is not there. Via science, microscopes, spectrometers etc etc etc... we can
deduce atoms, molecules, and an invisable world beyond the sight of the limitations of our human eye.


WE can absolutely prove Design from what we see and can easily measure and observe, and prove Design by Math, Physics, and all the other true Sciences...... but similarly we can
prove or at the very least deduce that spiritual beings are very possible. The human eye can only see 1/70th of the E.M.F. and hence because life is force, and matter... what we see, may
vary..... with what is actually there. Consequently no scientific person can absolutely ascertain that there is no such thing as a spirit world or spirit beings, or ghosts...and alas even whether
or not there are demons.

Theres plenty of secondary evidence and plenty of people that have experienced encounters with another demension...and so scientifically speaking these beings can not be denied just
because a person can not see them all the time or never has seen one at any time. Real scientists have to admit that invisability does not negate spirits and ghost and demons.

Deal with it.... as mature scientists and researchers....





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