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#1 Wednesday May 16

  Sorry unscientific evolutionists, the absolute impossibility of a "Perpetual Motion Machine' means that the Theory of Evolution is impossible. If someone could make a perpetual motion
machine that keeps running and producing power without any input, then you have a chance in hell of having a plausible theory. But the truth is, a perpetual motion machine is impossible,
because of the second Law of Thermodynamics. Again you will deny this as you hate physics as you are teaching others, it must be said.

A machine needs to burn energy or receive electrical energy or somehow propel itself forward to generate power. But no machine is able to do this, all machines need input from outside, all
need an electrical source or gas source, as energy is used to create energy.

SEE E=mc2
See Einstein threads
SEE TOE thread

Because all things go to a lesser degree of organization.... all not some and there are no exceptions.Evolution is not an exception. It doesnt evade or circumvent any LAWS just because it is a
religion of the evolutionists. I mean even FREE ENERGY is mis-named because even if SOLAR, the Sun is burning and losing energy and is getting more disorganized in time. Even nuclear
power breaks apart the original bonding inside the atom that the Lord's energy originally put there to create atoms.

All things were created by the GREAT FORCE or UNIFIED FORCE, or where all STRINGS lead to, or to the Creator who is unlimited in power or is called God ALMIGHTY. Everything is
held together by His Force and Energy, nothing exists without His INPUT and ENERGY. Nothing including a perpetual motion machine, can circumvent this truth. Nothing organizes itself and
by itself can generate power. Nothing.

Again science defeats and destroys...the false science of evolution.

#3 Thursday May 17

Evolutionists think their theory is unique and stands alone because it has no connections to any other science field. Yet the truth is that all other fields of TRUE SCIENCE,negate and contradict
evolutionary luck and chance theory.

In PHYSICS... it violates the

Law of Thermodynamics
Unified Field Theory
String Theory

These all show unity and connectivity with all things whereas Evolution has no connections to PHYSICS nor MATH, nor even to BIOLOGY.

#6 Thursday May 24

 THE  ****** ******** wrote:
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Nothing works without input.

  Exactly, and this is what evolutionists deny, as they want to think or BELIEVE that their god of evolution evades and circumvents the LAW of INPUT, also called the Law of
Thermodynamics. This Law dictates that energy is lost, and becomes more disorganized in time.

Its the LAW  Nothing organizes itself over time. Nothing. If energy is input-ed that still is a total loss of energy because of the needed input.

Perpetual motion machines are impossible because the energy required will always be greater than the total energy output. Our future energy needs in the Millinium of the Lord, shall be harassing
the energy already input-ed via the spinning of the Earth bu the Lord in the BEGINNING, or harassing the energy of the SUN, created in the Beginning.

Nuclear energy etc are all way too destructive with resultant disorganized matter being retained that is RADIOACTIVE.

Man's energy sources pollute, the Lords energy is pure and part of HIS HARMONIC CYCLES.

#9 Thursday May 24

 THE L********** wrote:
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Solomon claimed that there is nothing new under the Sun.
 Everything in our natural world is brought about by repeating patterns and particular circuits are followed.
 Renewable energy should be clean and siphon's can provide pure power that can be harnessed to provide undestructive energy.
 New ideas will be required for the future if mankind continues to exist on the Earth. I am more concerned about man made chemicals and pesticides that are needlessly harming our                 
environment and killing our pollinating insects.

  Yes, therefore the Lord Himself will have to step in and rule in the Millennium...... and use SUN/Son power of some kind.

As those that have destroyed the Earth and the processes that destroyed the Earth shall be removed for a second chance for man kind .Hence it is not clear if in fact, the Lord will give us FREE
ENERGY, or what degree of FREE ENERGY we will utilize. Why because the heart of man in the Millennium is still the same, no difference from now. He will again, start his perverse ways, so
even if the Lord slows mankind down with normal work and down to Earth work and a new environment, giving HIM to much FREE ENERGY might make him again turn to dastardly deeds in
and with MORE FREE TIME.

Its going to be interesting to see what the natural Lord gives to mankind in man kinds second chance in a NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. Do remember that CHOICE is always paramount and
the principle. Yet do read, as after a thousand years man again using his free choice, chooses to again rebel against the Lord...

Rev. 19/20, but this time the Lord doesnt mess with them, and just instantly brings down a fireball, for they are worthy and deserving.... and have chosen poorly. For again do note, that
prophecy is the design of time, and while individuals choices dictate their personal destiny, the major events are set in stone and shall be fulfilled



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