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  Forget it ***** evolutionists ever since the Beginning, the dark side has never studied evolution and have never left anything but to LUCK and CHANCE theology.. Never ever. They
only passed on the math, physics, structure and DESIGN of life to the elite and enlightened ones (so called Illuminated ones or ILLUMINATI, to the focused and intelligent secret
members, who needed the knowledge as knowledge means power.

The Grand Masters and Masters and Rulers, had to be taught Sacred Geometry, and PHI (Golden Section) via mystery schools for the elite, so they would know the pathways, and
cycles and design architecture of all life and all matter, so as to apply it in their Great WORK, of subduing the foolish and uneducated masses,the evolutionist's and goyum that knew


For all the sciences created by the Lord are all inter-related and based on the principles thereIN. Luck and chance as noted HERE, never ever has helped anyone discover anything in any
scientific field. Luck and chance is for the dumb and ignorant to trust in, and to help give them a religion they can supposedly trust in... and excuse their ignorance for.

SEE also the devoid EMPTINESS of the thread where evolutionists can not claim that their so called science has ever helped any scientist or searcher discover ANYTHING. No one has
ever gained any intelligence when studying luck and CHANCE evolutionary theology/science. You only gain intelligence by studying DESIGN. The only factor after you know DESIGN
that has given you intelligence and knowledge is how you will use it, whether for good or for BAD. The Illuminati use it for nefarious purposes of control and manipulation to keep their
wolf packs dependent on their so called Alpha wolves...

But Jesus said and meant ....******

And ye shall know the truth, and the TRUTH shall make you free.



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D.I.C.E. refers in letters to Dumb, Ignorant, Crazy, Evolutionists

PHI is another word for Golden Section ... Golden Mean etc... a factual mathematical ratio, which the Lord created through Geometry to be the Template of all Matter, Living and Non


Architecture is the building design of life, the stars, our bodies, and all of life by the Great Designer, who ONLY accomplishes the GREAT WORK


#3 Apr 23, 2018

No intelligent person ever studies evolution, because evolution doesnt teach anyone anything. It has no basis and its chance philosophy does not advance science. Its all a lie and a con and
a deception. The dark side only uses evolution as its atheistic excuse, for a religion...that it gives to the goyum to keep them stupid.

Yet the dark side knows it has to have design to establish its intelligence over the dumb and easily subverted populations. So it studies the design of God, that was known and is known.but
was kept secret for only the ELITE.... Yet now is available for the true searchers and seekers,

This in and of itself is PROOF that evolution is worthless, and absolutely worthless to study. This is why evolutionists can NOT show any proofs of their bogus theory, because there are
none. And why evolutionists can NOT state any advancement in science that evolution has lead them on or helped them understand. There is nothing there readers, just chaotic insane
nonsense, with no scientific basis, laws or principles.,

#4 Apr 23, 2018

For the dark side and devils even know the times and seasons and PROPHECY of the Lord. They know when their time to take over is come, and they try to take full advantage of their
supposed victory (that turns to defeat) For they in their insanity, think and believe they can change prophecy and the final outcome which is why they fight like HELL against the
HEAVENLY FORCES under the dellusion that they, the dark side can win the final battles.

As Jesus said, they know their time...yet can;t be released until the timing of the Lord allows them to do their pervidious work.... And the world will receive them, except for the few that
have known the truth, and studied the truth and LIVED the TRUTH from the TRUTHGIVER.

The Illuminati study God's geometry, math, and design of PHI rather than the foolishness of evolution.

#5 Apr 25, 2018

Evolutionists are again stumped because, they know its true... They know that evolution is a total waste of time and is of no value. Its just a religion, that helps them think they are
independent, and able to evade a Creator or any responsibility for what they do with their lives.

Evolutionists never learn anything beyond the words LUCK and CHANCE. Nothing more. This is why they can not debate, can not defend their theory or their religion.

#8 Apr 26, 2018
This thread links to "ALMOST ALL Evolutionists are ANTI-Conspiracy Theorists' Why, because evolutionists are afraid to study and break away from majority or theda opinion. They
are only interested in keeping their jobs out of fear and so do and say and write, ONLY what is told them. They are gutless, and just follow the paths to the cliff, like dumb dumb sheep.

#9 Apr 26, 2018
The only thing evolution theory is good for is turning normal people into gamblers. It teaches them to be optimistic in their gambling, believing they will eventually be winners, they just have
to keep trusting in LUCK and CHANCE. They go broke mentally, and spiritually but gambling is all they know and want to know, because they are lazy.

#10 Apr 29, 2018
This thread is now a certified truth. Evolution teaches no one anything of value. It is totally useless and a waste of time. Even the dark side, does not study lack of design and lack of
intelligence to gain knowledge and power. THEY study DESIGN ... which shows truths and the TRUTHGIVER.They want to steal the truth, for their evol purposes but the light right side
learns to gain truth, and love for the betterment of mankind.

This thread can now be deemed confirmed ....

#12 Apr 29, 2018

People that have written nothing and have no websites of discoveries, etc should have no credibility.... and dont. But seeing evolutionists love denials, they just cant resist denying more and
more and posting six words to verify their denials.

Back to truths... and away from mindless denials...


I mean where did the knowledge come from originally. Did mankind think it up, or did it come from the Spirit
World. You guessed it, for if you read Genesis 6, the evil angels that mated with the daughters of men, didn't
think up their knowledge but got it from the Lord's spirit world which was created by the Lord. These evil
angels just twisted these truths for their own evil ends which brought on more pain and suffering to mankind.

For instead of using knowledge for good, these evil entities used the knowledge for evil and for warfare. For if
you even look around today most of man's greatest technologies are again being used for the development of
warfare or for the collection of material wealth for a few rather than the majority.

There has been no new created laws by man, he has had no real new inventions? I mean I got a patent for a
'floating flyhook' but was it really an invention? No. I just used the laws that were already there. I didn't create
the fish, or the water, or the physical laws that made the hook's motion attractive to the fish, the Lord did. I
just used the Creations of the Lord and the created LAWS of the Law for the worthy purpose of tricking the
fish ¦Ha.

So there is no new invention under the Sun after all, as the wisest man in the world noted (King Solomon).
For even computers which are advancing the new technology didn't create itself but was only possible because
of the absolutely amazing properties of crystals involved in storing data via its memory resonance. Man didn't
create the crystalline shape or properties of the crystals. He is just using them for his own purposes. The
Lord knows all about crystals and memory, and computers, He has every word and every action on His
database from the very beginning. There is no knowledge, he is unaware of. He knows it ALL, and has heard
every lie as well, from the creator of lies, Satan. And the only time the devil says any truth is to give credence
to his up-coming lie.

The Devil only steals the Lord's truths and knowledge in an attempt to give credence to his Lies, for he is the
father of lies and was such from the very beginning. For if you study the truth (which comes from the Lord
and from a healthy fear of the Lord), you start to realize that any real truth is an eternal truth that is timeless,
and not merely temporal. And so once again, you'd have to admit that All truths have always been true and
always existed in the Spiritual Plane even if we are just discovering them personally ourselves.

Excerpt from http://www.davidjayjordan.com/StolenInformation


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