How did Noah finance the building of the ARK  ?
I have never seen anywhere, where people asked the question as to where Noah got all the funds to build the ARK. The locals mocked him
for building a huge ARK, as it hadn't even rained in Noah's time. Noah was considered an idiot or madman for constructing such a boat.

 Noahs three sons alone, could not have possibly built the ARK in five years as stated in Jasher, so who was hired to help build the ARK...  
locals must have been hired and construction experts from afar must have been employed to build this oil tanker sized boat for all the animals
and living life on Earth to get into and be SAVED....  Noah must have paid them handsomely, but where did Noah get the money to pay for
such a high priced labor force. And how did he pay for all that timber and pitch, etc etc. For it wasn't just. It wasn't just growing labor.
Noah surely had it shipped in from some distance. Where did Noah get the funding

Simple, Noah inherited the money. The wealth of all his forefathers came top Noah upon their deaths, as all his forefathers were taken by the
Lord, just previous to Noah getting the commandment to build the ARK. Where God guides, HE PROVIDES

Time line from Creation to Noah

A little blurry, but you get the picture..... Adam, Seth, Enos, Canian, Mahaleen, Jared, (Enoch (Translated), Mathusala,and Lamech.. ALL  
died and left all their properties and wealth to Noah.... just before 2348 B.C. Noah inherited it all from His forefathers, who were our
FOREFATHERS in the FAITH. And what did Noah, the rich man, do with his new found wealth, he obeyed the Lord, forsook it all BACK to
the Lord for the Lords work of saving ALL LIVING THINGS including Noahs Family who were to repopulate the whole EARTH.

As Jesus said...

Luke 14:33
33 So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.

Noah was a disciple of the Lord. For, Noah invested everything he was given by the patriarchs of the Messianic FAITH, and used it to obey
the Lord of Lords.

Again, as a true believer, Noah put his money where his heart was, and obeyed the Lord by giving all that he had back to the Lord. He was
not going to live in pleasure, as the rich man did with Jesus.... and turned and walked away from being a disciple of the Lord.  (Mathew 19:
23) Noah, forsook all and followed the commandments of the Lord, and BUILT THE ARK.


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