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#1 Apr 29, 2018

   Evolutionists seem to think they own Science, even though Science, Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology have all been around as is, since the BEGINNING of Creation.
Evolutionists tend to worship science or false science, as if it has helped mankind increase and survive... under their survival of the fittest or supposed most evolved..principle.

But lets research this, and go on the literal fields of the 3rd world and see if false science under the guise of helping has hurt the 3rd world. Having been a missionary in the
poorer areas of the world, from first hand experience, I can tell you the Green Revolution was a scientific con from those that wanted to impoverished the farmers of the 3rd
world .... even more rather than help them.

The original rice planted, kept farmers and their rather large families well fed and clothed. It was long stalked and high above the watered rice fields. The supposed new higher
yielding rice of the Green Revolution, worked well in artificial settings and controlled environments, but that was NOT the way it was in the real world. Floods brought the
water levels up to the rice grains and destroyed the whole rice harvest.

The farmer would then have to borrow money from loan sharks to NOT just buy more seed (As it was now illegal to use seed from their new GREEN REVOLUTION
patented seeds... then they had to buy fertilizer and pesticides from the GMO Green Company Corporation, as before with the original seeds they didn't need fertilizer but
used natural ones, and didn't need pesticides because they used natural processes.... IE. the farmers got in debt real quick, and many of their farms got boughten up by the
corporations and rich.

The farmers couldn't go back to original seed because it was unavailable after a few years, and banned. Their families suffered, and their children had no occupations and had
to resort to going to city slums for survival. Rice prices went up, and if a bumper crop came, the rich stored the rice for latter years when they could sell it for even a higher
price. Who profits from GMO Green Revolution crops, corporations and the rich. It does NOT help feed the poor.

False Science is all about money and power.

#2 Apr 29, 2018

As mentioned the dumb evolutionists only know what is told them and have no experience in the real world. They have no idea, what perfidity false science has caused to the
poor and to the Earth.

As mentioned and as proven, evolutionists just believe whatever their government tells them, or whatever their corporate masters and employers tell them to believe.... they
don't know how to research or find out anything...much less stand up against their masters and controllers.

They are anti-conspiracy addicts and only know how to deny... if someone disagrees with their masters.

#3 May 9, 2018

The Green Revolution is a lie.... evolution is a lie.... these religionists are not true scientists. They are used by corporations to bring in new genetically modified crops for profit
of share holders, and they dont give a dam about the 3rd world farmers who get impoverished by these devils.

The consumers in the West and East also get impoverished by the GMO new diseases, like glutten etc.. and obesity, and Round Up in their foods. And who brings in these
dastardly deeds but evolutionary scientists who have zero faith that evolution will do anything in the short run so manipulate the Lords genomes and DESIGN for evil rather
than for good.

Food is now one of the hottest stocks, for it shall rise with prices, as skin for skin what a man or woman wont spend to keep their lives alive.... and so the evil ones divest
them and take their money and their lives.
The Green Revolution of False Science has Failed
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